Dental Mission Project
The Dental Mission Project Society (TDMP) is a non-profit society that provides free use of portable dental equipment to dental teams for volunteer dentistry both around the world and in our own “back yard”.  
In 2008, TDMP was formed by Steveston Rotarians Dr. Doug & Susan Nielsen with the help of friends, family, The Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation, Patterson Dental and the Steveston Rotary Club.  The Society and its members are dedicated to providing assistance to marginalized populations (regardless of their religious or political beliefs) by loaning dental equipment that can be taken almost anywhere in the world.  As of 2017, TDMP has provided approximately $3 million in free dentistry to the underserved.  
Each year since 2011, Dr. Doug & Susan coordinate and lead six volunteer dental clinics at Richmond Hospital, Steveston Japanese Cultural Centre, and in the East Vancouver community, assisted by fellow Steveston Rotarian Bob Blacker.  In addition to local clinics, TDMP has collaborated with several rural First Nations communities throughout BC, their local Rotary Clubs and UBC Dentistry, to provide greatly needed dental care.  
Since its inception, TDMP’s volunteers have mentored over 300 UBC Dental & Hygiene students in these clinics, inspiring them to continue community service in their future dental careers.  
Internationally, dental teams have traveled to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, Bhutan and India, providing dental treatment and dental hygiene instruction to families and schools.  In 2008, TDMP opened a permanent dental clinic in San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala, to serve the population of 12,000 in the surrounding mountainous regions.  Prior to our clinic, most of these people had never seen a dentist.  To this day, the clinic is self-sustaining with a full time dentist still providing free dental care to children.  Additionally, the Steveston Rotary Club provided funding to this village for the purchase of a machine needed by the local midwives to separate and grind seeds, a local micro-business initiative which now funds postnatal care for the women of the community.
Generous contributions by the Steveston and Sunrise Rotary Clubs have greatly assisted The Dental Mission Project Society in continuing their ongoing work and changing lives, smile by smile.