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The Rotary Club of Lafayette

For ninety-six years now, the Rotary Club of Lafayette has been instrumental in developing a community of service above self. One of the oldest Rotary Clubs in the region, the Rotary Club of Lafayette’s members have a remarkable history of generously giving their time, money and knowledge to support Lafayette`s youth, underprivileged, cultural arts and education programs. 

While this club`s diverse membership mix of French-speaking Cajuns, oil prospecting Texans, and other Louisiana leaders is like no other in the world, the Rotary Club of Lafayette embraces the Rotary values and the Rotary spirit that continues to thrive around the world.

This chapter coordinates events like the Election Day Food Drive to benefit FoodNet, and the Vision Mission Trip to Honduras, which brings hundreds of pairs of eye glasses from Acadiana to Honduras.

We also promote other local charities like Project SOS, Project RX, The Children's Museum of Acadiana, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana, the Boy Scouts, and the Girl Scouts.