You can help our club by taking advantage of our sponsorship and banner ad opportunities.  Charles Dammann and Pat Egen have both signed up for website advertising.  
How it Works:
Our website can display banner ads across all pages. The distribution is even across all pages, including the homepage and e-bulletin. To place an ad, please click on the link on our main home page. You will be contacted in order to get the appropriate graphics, etc. Since ads are displayed on the right hand panel, there are size limitations, which are as follows:

Width: Maximum of 150 pixels
Height: Varied. Prices are set according to the height of your ad, or on a quotation basis.

Format of ads can either be graphic images or text. You can provide a website address which your ad will hyperlink to. This can be your homepage or any existing page within your site. You can also choose to provide your e-mail address, instead.

Your banner ads will reach a variety of influential business and civic leaders. The advertisements appear in the "Website Sponsors" section in the right hand column on every page of the site.

Clicking on a banner ad may direct the user to your business website or open a pre-addressed email to request information.

Fees are $25 per month, payable quarterly.  Thirty days notice is required to request ad removal.

For more information, send an email to Pat Egen at