Speaker Date Topic
President Kris Stepanian Oct 29, 2018 12:15 PM
Club Focus Meeting

Monthly Club Focus Meeting & Vocational Talks

David Kline, Former NUJHS Teacher Nov 05, 2018
Motivational Talk About Overcoming Obstacles

In high school, David Kline was the All-American kid--excelled in multiple sports, achieved honor roll every year, played the lead in school and community theater, sang in the top choir, and was elected to student government. He was fun, outgoing, and independent. Everything was going his way.

All that changed on a beautiful summer day in 1987 when a diving accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. In an instant, David faced the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair, his health and well-being reliant on the hands of others.

As if permanent paralysis was not difficult enough, David flatlined twice, suffered double pneumonia, and relied on caregivers who turned out to be drug addicts, alcoholics, and thieves. But this would not deter his motivation to push on for a meaningful and successful life.

In this inspiring memoir, David shares how God's Word and grace gave him the strength, hope, and trust to never give up and to believe that God's plans are bigger than his own. 

Sandra Barrington, SNMH Foundation Nov 19, 2018
Emergency Services and Emergency Room Upgrade at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

Update on Emergency Services and the project to upgrade the Emergency Room at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

TBD Dec 03, 2018
TBD Dec 10, 2018
Lyman Gilmore Choir Dec 17, 2018
Christmas Music Concert

Christmas Concert by Lyman Gilmore Choir