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From planning and supporting your effort to promoting and evaluating your impact, these resources can help ensure success throughout the life of your project.

Stage 1: The plan

Work with your community to identify a need, how best to address it, and what resources are available.

Online resources

Discuss project ideas with the Rotary online community or create your own in Discussion Groups.

Then make a plan that includes your goals and a realistic timeline.

Set service goals


Stage 2: The resources

Gather all the resources you’ll need to carry out your service project, including volunteers, subject-matter experts, in-kind contributions, and funding. Post your project on your club’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter account to create interest and solicit resources.

Online resources

Take advantage of our partners to carry out your next service project. Learn more about working with partners.

Are you looking for funding? Apply for a district or global grant. Find more fundraising ideas.

Find resources


Stage 3: The project

Now that you have a plan and resources, you’re ready to get started. Update volunteers, community supporters, and club members on your progress and last-minute needs through your discussion groups. Remember to post a link to the group on your club website.

Discuss your progress

Online resources

Promote your project in local media, on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and of course, inRotary Showcase – it's the easiest way to share your project with the Rotary world and the public.


Stage 4: The impact

Once your project is complete, take time to reflect on its impact, its successes, and its challenges. The lessons you learn can help you the next time around, and sharing them with your community groups can help others as well.

Online resources

Update your service project goals in Rotary Club Central and see how close your estimate matches the actual resources and funding you used. Use this information to plan even better projects in the future.

Update your service goals

Share best practices with your discussion groups.

Submit the final report for your district or global grant through the Grant Application Tool.

Find more project resources.

Share your success


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