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Why Join the Rotary Club of Defiance?

First, it's fun! If you'd like to meet people who want you to be a member, then this club is for you. Have the opportunity for lunch once a week, listen to a good program, or work together on a project with folks you can feel at home with while you live Rotary. Rotary offers opportunities that you do not want to miss. 

Of course it's nice to be a member of one of the most active and respected service clubs in our area. You will be proud to tell your family, friends and neighbors you are a Defiance Rotarian. Most are well aware of the impact this club has made throughout our community. 

Many members consider meeting new members and sharing business and professional information a big advantage. Weekly contacts make it easy to keep up with what's going on around you in the world today.

Most of us eat lunch somewhere every day. Why not consider spending your Monday lunch hour in comfortable surroundings with good food and like-minded people who enjoy the camaraderie of a Rotary meeting?

New members with school-age children are surprised to learn about all the wonderful youth programs Rotary offers their children. Especially interesting are the inbound student exchanges where a member family can sign up to host a young person from another land. Alternatively, a family can send their child abroad as an outbound student for a school year or for four weeks in the summer while accepting a child from that overseas home.

Joining an active club involved with several ongoing projects gives you a choice of work to fit your interests.  Everyone finds his/her niche. Some members work on all projects while others are more selective. 

Becoming part of an active and growing club means it's easier to get things done. There is strength in numbers and the Defiance Rotary has proven this adage again and again. Work is made much easier with many hands. Also, new members feel more confident in doing new things when many veterans surround them. 

Joining a Rotary club increases the confidence of some members who haven't had public speaking experience or background in organizing the committee work needed to stage an event or a project. Leadership experience is gained by serving on the Board of Directors or by becoming a club officer.

Rotarians are encouraged to make up missed meetings at other Rotary Clubs which allows you to meet leaders in other communities. You may find they do things a little differently. You will be able to bring these new ideas back to our club to improve its operation. 

Finally, there is the work done by our district and Rotary International. You can easily become a part of helping the Rotary Foundation by becoming a Paul Harris Fellow, or by working at the district level on its many projects. You can "dive in" as deep as your time, finances and interests permit.

We can make you a member of the Rotary Club of Defiance, but only you can become a Rotarian.


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