Bend Rotary Foundation Mission and Priorities

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Mission and Priorities

Bend Rotary Foundation exists to provide a vehicle for members of the Bend Rotary Club and the general public to donate funds to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, thereby qualifying for a favorable tax treatment.  BRF is also the conduit for other Blub-generated income, such as proceeds from the Duck Race, Golf Tournament, and Holiday Auction.

BRF is also a vehicle for distributing grants and scholarships.

Priorities for distributions are first, to fund the several ongoing scholarships the Club has historically provided.

Second, the Club and BRF are committed to increasing their endowment to $300,000 as quickly as is feasible.

Third, this Club’s Duck Race proceeds share is distributed in the form of grants to organizations that meet the Club’s priorities, which are in the following order at this time:
        Children and Infants
        Homelessness and shelter
        Family support

Finally, as the endowment is fully funded to provide for existing scholarships, other fundraising monies will go, through a proposal process, to local organizations that provide services that address the Club’s stated priorities.

While our work in the local community is important, the BRF Board of Directors continues to place top priority on members meeting annual giving obligations to The Rotary Foundation (International), then to those who can and have an interest, offering the option of supporting BRF activities and grants.