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We welcome you to our Rotary Club. The Rotary  Club of Pahoa Sunset, meets at 6:30 PM each Tuesday at Malama O Puna, 15-2881 Pahoa Village Rd., Pahoa, HI.

Our Mailing Address is : The Rotary Club of Pahoa Sunset, PO Box 2228, Pahoa HI 96778

We are a small club situated in a very rural area. We are located in Pahoa, Puna District of Hawaii

Hawaii Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands: There are 12 Rotary Clubs on our island .

Our mission is to bring all the attributes of Rotary Club representing  Rotary International and all of its ideals

We have devised a strategic plan in several sessions and our aim is to achieve those set goals

We have all of our Officers and Directors represented by passionate member Rotarians

We were chartered April 1,2009. and the photo you see is of the charter club membership on their auspicious day.

We continue to facilitate several successful fund raisers and we also have had many social club events where the membership has become closer than "just"  friends

More about Pahoa and Puna District

Lava flows have continued to add new land to the old shoreline in an intermittent fashion, with lava constantly changing directions and sometimes relocating into new areas. The lava itself and the new land it creates can be hazardous, and anyone visiting the area should consult publication Volcanic Hazards on the Island of Hawai`i

Approximately 60 square miles out of the 500 square miles of Puna have been covered by lava flows, and about 900 structures have been destroyed because of the flows since 1983. Living in Puna has other some unique considerations. For example, most homes in Puna rely on rainwater catchment for their household water. This lack of water availability for firefighting is also an issue with insurance companies.