Successful evening...
We've had success before with Toast to India and Toast to South Africa, so we thought it was time to revisit that idea by way of an international dinner.
Inaugural Taste the World! event, the basic premise being that participants would buy Passports and then, in rotation, travel to each of four countries (Italy, Ukraine, India, and the Philippines) for a sample of its cuisine.
Initially, we aimed for two flights (sittings), one at 6pm and the other at 8pm but other events in town and Quesnel Kangaross having a playoff game at 7.30pm (they won!) resulted in us cancelling the 8pm. Then our region (actually much of BC) got notice of a Weather Alert which resulted in record snowfall for a 4-day period, beginning the day before our event! Amazingly, we sold out the 6pm sitting and 75+/- turned out.
The fun didn't end there, however. Our Ukraine chef came with multiple crock pots full of pierogis, cabbage rolls, meatballs, and borscht which she happily plugged in and left to do their thing...unknowingly blowing the breaker in that room; so, at 6pm, her wonderful food was still getting warmed up. Having relocated all her crockpots, we did what any airline does when faced with electrical issues and inclement weather: we redirected the flight to Ukraine to The Philippines (and by "redirected", we mean the folks who had sat down in the Ukraine area walked across the Seniors' Centre Hall to the Philippines area!)
Having sampled Italy, India, and the Philippines, everyone finished up the evening with Ukraine - no one went home hungry!
Fun evening, lots learned, be sure to look at the pictures (click here or on the Album)...we think we'll try it again.
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