3,500 +/- books? No problem!
Exciting times ahead for Literacy Quesnel, having accepted an offer of space in West Park Mall (the old location of The Source) in which they can house their office, the Community Learning Centre, and their used book store.
Of course, that also means they have to pack everything up so, instead of holding our lusual lunchtime meeting at the Legion on July 21st, we helped box up all the books...3,500 or so of them (less a number purchased by Rotarians on the day!
Led by President Laurey-Anne Roodenburg, John Havens, Paul Mednis and his two Aussie friends, Doug Baker and Raelene McIntyre from Brisbane, Diane Rogers, Jasmin Sczesny, Tania Milliken, Linda and Simon Turner, Bev Haluschak, Marg and Bill Anderson, Richard Palmer, and Interactor Daria Brownmiller helped Rebecca Beuschel (Rotarian wearing her Literacy Quesnel coordinator's hat) and LQS board members Chris Fugler and Bert Sturt get the job done. Thanks to Dairy Queen, BC Liquor Store, and especially McDonalds for all the boxes. 15 Rotary volunteers saved LQS roughly 20 hours!
* The grand opening of their new location is on the slate for September 8th...International Literacy Day!
10am...just as we are starting
11.30am...job done!