Bringing some Christmas cheer to the widfire-ravaged community
On 30th June 2021, wildfire swept through Lytton, claiming two lives and destroying much of the village.
The community of Lytton, though, is still very much active in the surrounding area and looking forward to eventually rebuilding.
Two Rivers Community Service Society (TRCSS) is a Lytton community group, one of whose activities is decorating certain spots in downtown Lytton for Christmas. Of course, all those lights and decorations were lost in the fire, too…
That got us thinking: “What can we do?”
Inspired by an amazing donation by Quesnel’s Canadian Tire, and knowing how Quesnel loves both a challenge and celebrating Christmas, our Club decided to coordinate the collection of cash donations to raise funds by 10th December to bring “Lights to Lytton”.
In spite of a catastrophic flooding event taking place in the Fraser Valley which, rightly, attracted aid and support for the washed-out communities, we were able to raise just over $1,000 in less than a month, and the folks in Lytton truly lit up their community!
Donations-in-kind from Quesnel's Canadian Tire
Lytton by day...
Lytton by night...
The last words we leave to Lytton - what wonderful support!