Blair Mirau, Economic Development Officer, Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a, and CEO of business initiatives.
Mr. Mirau updated members on the many initiatives they have in the works.
Prince Rupert Lawn and Garden - After a much needed re-development, the centre re-opened in May of 2020.  After a busy summer they are now working on an exciting new project.  They have installed a hydroponics greenhouse housed in a shipping container.  They will be able to produce 12,000 lbs of greens per year.  They are currently installing a water filtration system for the greenhouse.  Greens will be available for purchase by the public.
The popular Pop-Up Plant Shop is planned to re-open with Covid security protocols in place later this fall.
Due to Covid, plans to open the Yaga Cafe have been delayed to 2021.
Port Edward General Store - The store was recently acquired and was able to provide emergency supplies to 1300 Nisga'a citizens during the pandemic.
Bob's on the Rocks - Bob's on the Rocks was acquired and will re-open in 2021. 
Why all these seemingly unrelated businesses?  Blair painted a compelling picture of the Hub being Seal Cove where the lawn and garden centre is located.  The centre and hydroponics greenhouse will supply greens to Bob's on the Rocks, and to Yaga Cafe.  Bob's on the Rocks and Prince Rupert Lawn and Garden are located at opposite ends of the Waterfront Trail.  The Port Edward General Store can provide product to the two cafes and gas products to the mobile landscaping arm of Rupert Lawn and Garden. 
Most importantly these business all support their Nisga'a citizens, from fishermen supplying Bobs with fish in the future to local jobs and revenues in the community.
What does the future hold?
  • Seal Cove Farmers Market
  • Commercial Composting Facility.
  • Acquisition of more businesses (Someday, but not this year!)
  • The smoke house is built but is not expected to be operational for the next 12 months.