Posted by Ellen Witherly

February 14, 2019 - Michael Uehara - Coastal Shellfish

Mr. Uehara is the CEO of Coastal Shelfish and attended our meeting to speak about their exciting Scallop Farm. Coastal Shellfish grew out of concerns over the closing of forestry jobs in Hartley Bay.  Following 12 years of extensive research, their first farmed scallops were purchased by local restaurant, Fukasaku for a seafood chowder challenge they participated in recently.  Coastal uses cutting edge aquaculture science for its vertical ocean farming of scallops off Wolf and Digby Islands.  Scallops are zero food input as they survive on algae and are restorative filter feeders.  No fertilizers or pesticides are used in their production.  The venture is 85% first nations owned and draws on traditional knowledge and advanced science.  They have designed their jobs to be well remunerated with future for advancement in order to be competitive in the north coast market place.