Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Highliner Plaza Hotel
815 1st Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC
Mailing Address = P.O. Box 225
Prince Rupert, BC  V8J 3P6

Justin Kohlman, President Coast Mountain College

We had a great  session with Mr. Kohlman who used Kahoot.it to provide his presentation making it very interactive and fun!  One of their values is adventurous - and we were!  In first place: our President, Rosa Miller; second place went to executive secretary, Bev Killbery; and third place to club secretary, Ellen Witherly.  Hmmmm I sense a theme here!

CMTN uses experiential place based learning - a combination of in-face and online learning, and are teaching other colleges how to implement it successfully.

Our club has made the difficult decision to suspend our annual auction for 2020.  We did not feel comfortable asking our many local businesses to contribute the over 800 items they donate for us to auction in this very difficult year.  We do encourage everyone who would normally purchase items from our auction to please shop local this year.
Stay tuned for news on about our annual sale of 750 tickets!
Blair Mirau, Economic Development Officer, Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a, and CEO of business initiatives.
Mr. Mirau updated members on the many initiatives they have in the works.
Prince Rupert Lawn and Garden - After a much needed re-development, the centre re-opened in May of 2020.  After a busy summer they are now working on an exciting new project.  They have installed a hydroponics greenhouse housed in a shipping container.  They will be able to produce 12,000 lbs of greens per year.  They are currently installing a water filtration system for the greenhouse.  Greens will be available for purchase by the public.
Sheila McDonald, Better at Home and Prince Rupert Senior Centre
Thank you to new member, Sheila McDonald for stepping in at the last minute to be our speaker on the 17th!
Sheila is the Coordinator of the Prince Rupert Senior Centre and the Better at Home Program.  This program is funded by United Way.  They provide services to seniors that support them in staying in the own homes.  Some of these services are: light housekeeping (a challenge in a pandemic); taxi vouchers; grocery and prescription pick up and delivery, lawn cutting and weekly delivery of baked items and frozen soups.  Better at Home also provides a weekly dinner for approximately 20 at Wayne Place.  Services are provided for a fee that is based on the senior's income level.  They do not have a waiting list at this time and are serving 58 clients with about 80 receiving food support.  They are also providing meal support three times a week at the Wildlife Shelter.

Mariah (2011-12) and Ari (2015-16)

Mariah graduated from university as a professional therapist in 2016.  She is currently working in public health at a Psycho Social Care Centre where they treat mental health and social issues with a multi professional team.She moved to Sao Paulo in 2017.  Mariah is a busy individual; working full time; studying professional Chinese medicine and volunteering in her field.  She is working on a seconde post grad in Health rehabilitation and child neurology.

Ari will graduate from law school this year.  She has interned at the course and is now interning with prosecuting attorney.  Her career goal is to practice law.  Like Mariah she is a busy person and is also teaching English to children.

August 13 - Wheelhouse Brewing
Craig Outhet from Wheelhouse Brewery spoke about the challenges of operating during a pandemic and the need to be nimble operators.It all began on March 17th, when they made the decision to cancel their St. Patricks' Day event. 
 What would it take?
Club Directors
President Elect
Past President
Lt. Dawn Butt - Salvation Army
Oct 29, 2020 12:00 PM
Salvation Army Fall/Winter Programs - Hampers/Kettle/Food Bank
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