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The Downtown Rotary Club of Prince George is involved in various projects locally, regionally and internationally. Here are some of the few amazing projects we support! 
Local Projects
Spruceland Elementary and Westwood Elementary are now both part of a local breakfast program provided in partnership with the Downtown Rotary Club & The Sinclair Group. It is estimated that one million children across Canada don't eat before school. Some by choice, but many because of their financial circumstances. It is said that children that don't eat before school lose up to 2 hours of productivity!  With the support of the school PAC groups and The Sinclair Group, we are proud to be part of this program to help feed children in our city. We hope to continue to expand the program every year! 
Past projects include:
 - Downtown Bike Racks
 -  Community Skate Park
 - Cutbanks Shelter
 - Community Water Park,
 - Wigs for Cancer Patients and more... 
International Projects

FullSoul is a not-for-profit equipping hospitals in Uganda with medical supplies. FullSoul protects the health and safety of mothers, babies, and medical practitioners during childbirth. In many parts of the developing world, including Uganda, having a baby is a dangerous process. Every two minutes a woman dies from pregnancy or childbirth complications. The reasons for this are complex, and multifaceted, but one pressing issue is that many hospitals often lack even the most basic medical supplies. Learn More... 

Rotary groups accross the world are all extremely passionate about Ending Polio. Since 1988 Rotary groups have rallied together and joined with the Bill Gates foundation to eliminate Polio. Polio has no cure but it is preventable. With support of Rotarians accross the globe, Polio has been reduced by 99.9%! We are now down to only 3 countries that have had cases last year. With continued support Polio will be eliminated and children no longer at risk. Learn more about END POLIO NOW. 

Do you have a project that Rotary would like to be involved in?

Check out our Funding Page for more information or Contact Us.