Posted by Bob Hlina on Oct 09, 2017
Host Family info:
Les Durets
489 rue des choseaux, Sallanches
So far I got a cold, my whole family got sick. I missed one day of school because of this and then I was fine. Other then that, its been pretty good, besides being tired all the time.
Me and another exchange student joined the local boxing club, which is really fun . I will also be going to some rugby practices every once and a while.  My host family took me to a wedding in Italy, this was super cool even though I didn't understand anything, the food at the wedding was amaizing. At school I have lots of breaks so me and the other exchange student at my school went to this lake which was really pretty.
School in France is so different then Canada and it is so much harder but I made some friends and the people are all really cool. Some teachers don't make me do anything which is nice but others make me take tests and I don't understand anything (this is in math). All my money goes to croissants…only In France lol. The food here is sooooo good and my host family cooks so well! Its very true about what they said about gaining weight on exchange because I can't stop eating.
My host family is amaizing, I have 3 younger brothers who I get along well with and my parents are so nice and funny and they cooks good. I have also met all my other family and I like them all so much! So far I have made pancakes twice and butter tarts fro my family and I bought everything to make poutine. And next weekend I a making thanksgiving dinner fro them, a few other families and some of my friends.
Rotary functions:
 So far, with rotary, me and all the exchange students in my region (we’re 9) helped at this race called UTMB and we had a picnic. Then we had inbound , we are 39 in the district which is cool, everyone is awesome. My YEO/counsellor said that my club rarely has meeting that we come too and we will maybe come to a few during the year, because they are during the day and we have school. The exchange students in and around my city meet pretty often and we do things like bowling, movies or have dinner or picnics, lots of picnics in France lol.
My counsellor is Richard Vanson and also Denise devassoux, they are the people that I communicate with they are both really nice and organize stuff with all the students pretty regularly. And I get my allowance (70 euro) on time.
So far, my exchange is going super well and I love it here, everything is so pretty ad I cant wait for the winter so I can start snowboarding! Im trying to organize with people to go mountaineering but its hard because its expensive. Everything is going well with the language, I'm not really having problems communicating. Im pretty sure I wandered everything that was needed, but if anyone has more questions, feel free to send me an email.
-Nadine :)