School District 47 Food Literacy Food Program coordinator Vanessa Sparrow spoke to our club members via Zoom on November 3. She has been with the district since 2019 and has been involved with similar school garden programs in Australia and through UBC. 
School gardens are used as outdoor classrooms and, by consulting with teachers and staff, she developed a version to meeting Powell River’s needs called Landed Learning.
Despite COVID, the program has been able to go ahead in local elementary schools. Vanessa explained that things are going fantastically in following the program’s objective of seed to plate learning. 
Students learn to plant, tend, harvest and prepare fresh food by engaging in hands-on activities both at school and at local farms. They develop an understanding of where food comes from and the relationships between living things — people, plants and pollinators. 
One of our members, Anne, is one of 14 volunteer Garden Friends who work side by side in the garden and kitchen with small groups of students.
During the Q&A session, Vanessa answered a question about the gardens in July and August when schools are out. She said it can be challenging. And she accepted the offer of mulch for the gardens to help over the winter. 
For more information, go to www.sd47foodliteracy.come or Powell River Landed Learning Facebook page. 
Vanessa Sparrow
Any Rotarians with suggestions for programs are asked to contact Anne H.
Nov 10 – Ionatan Waisgluis, Square Byte, Online visibility for business and non-profits, 10 tips for success.
Nov 17 – Avi Sternberg and Linda Shabin
Instructors at VIU, Culinary school. The Birchtree Café. 
Nov 24 – Club AGM and nomination of officers for 2022-23.
Dec 1- Rotarian Ed Frausel; his journey with Rotary.
Dec  8 – Eagle Walz from PR Parks and Wilderness Society will give an update on the trails and huts on the Sunshine Coast Trail. 
Club Business: 
Sara said the Academy of Music is requesting 2-3 volunteers to check for vaccine passports at Carols By Candlelight. Our morning club membership is dwindling. ADG Ian asks if we have another thought or ideas on how to help. Two options for meetings for the near future are Snickers on November 10 and Town Centre Hotel on November 17. Katya said  the issue with in-person meeting attendance is not unique to Powell River and other clubs are trying to figure things out as well, trying to be creative. There was a lot of discussion on this matter.
Jan asked people to keep sending her their volunteer hours. 
Elke reported that our Polio auction is moving online through Facebook and asked if anyone did not want their items shown to the general public, it would be removed and dealt with internally at a future meeting. Kelly is going to take photos of the FB items and Sasha is helping set up the auction page. 
Monica reported that raffle ticket sales are now over $12,250. She needs every sold paper ticket and money by November 10 so they can be included in the Early Bird Draw November 15.
$75 packages are the best sellers and $25 ones are second. Town Centre Mall table is available outside the liquor store on Fridays and Saturdays from 11-4 pm. Let Deborah know when you are available to sell. Please call her at 604.458.5668 if you wish to sell there. 
Sara has agreed be the online bingo chairperson and club members are encouraged to watch bingo by other clubs.
Monica is still waiting for the bags to come for the Read To Me book project. 
International and Youth: 
Bente reported that another letter has been received by an Amarok mother teacher and she asked for someone to help her respond to it.
Francois from Belgium 10 years after spending a year in Powell River with us and Louis who stayed for the same time in Sechelt. Still connected. Thanks to Anne B. for the photo. Oh the memories of Belgium chocolates.