PDG Darcy Long presided over the installation of our club’s 2022-23 board of directors at Town Centre Hotel on Wednesday, June 29 with members and guests attending.
Incoming president Ross Cooper commended Katya Gustafson for her No Excuses approach to the past year, adding she was on several other boards, a lawyer, wife and mother in a busy household. 
He noted that Jennifer Jones is the first female president of RI and a Canadian. 
Darcy said she is inspired by Jones’ theme Imagine Rotary and one of her many quotes. “Imagine a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.” 
Our club that was formed in 1955 went for 47 years before electing its first female president, and in the past 20 years has had 11 females lead it. Ross added that when RI associates words like equality when describing clubs, our club is living it.
Everything a person does for themselves, ends when that person is finished on this earth, Ross explained. Everything that person does for others, he or she leaves behind a legacy of themselves, and those efforts will continue to help others. People who make the biggest difference in people’s lives are the givers.
Now more than ever we need Leadership of Giving. 
He challenged us to be Warriors of Giving, to be People of Action.
Ross said it all starts with making an assessment of what we, as individuals, can do to make positives outcomes. When we do that, we will find it rare to find a task we cannot achieve.