Good afternoon!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Since we did not meet last week due to the holiday, the deadline to participate in the matching campaign has been extended to this Thursday.  If you are not able to attend this week, but want to participate, just email and let me know.  A big thank you to all the members who have already participated! 
See below for details:
November is Rotary Foundation Month.  Our club will match Foundation giving during the month of November up to $250 on a two to one basis.  That means for every two dollars you give, the club will match with one dollar.  For example, if you donate $200, the club will donate $100 in your name for a total of $300.  Out budget is much tighter this year, so we are not able to do the one for one match we did previously, but we hope members will still participate.  Note that in order to get the maximum match of $250, you would need to donate $500.
Please let Thomas or Barbara know if you want to participate.  You can bring a check and make it out to our club or Rotary International.  You can also pay by credit card at a meeting. A third option is to donate online if you have an account on My Rotary (just be sure to let us know you did that because we don't get notified by RI).
At the meeting on October 31st, Thomas will pass out cards to members showing their current status so you know how much you need to get to the next Paul Harris level.  We will bring the remaining cards the next week.  If you can't make it, just call or email me for the information.  The cards will show your current contribution level and your points level.  Points can be used to give Paul Harris awards to others.  
We hope lots of members take advantage of this opportunity! 
If you have any questions, let us know.
Thank you,
Barbara Bozon & Thomas Sinkey