Greeters This Week and the Next Two

May 22

Shannon Mayhew

Rick Molstad

Ron O'Genski

May 29

Roy Prevost

Lisa Rositano

Wendy Scott

June 5

Gloria Staudt

Jacob Stetz

Lorna Stewart

Greeter Duties

Greeters are the first point of contact for guests, potential new members, and our members. Making all who attend our meeting feel welcome is the responsibility of all of us as we all take turns being greeters. All greeters should arrive no later than 6:40 am and be prepared to assist in setting up and preparing for the meeting. If a greeter cannot be present for their day of duties, please contact another member to fill in for you. Greeters will:

  • ensure that the sandwich board at the entrance.

  • ensure that flags and banners are in place.

  • welcome all members and guests and make them comfortable with the proceedings and surroundings, i.e., seating, coffee, schedule of meeting etc.

  • greet and sit with the speaker to gather information useful in providing a respectful and meaningful introduction of the speaker and the program.

  • thank the speaker and present the certificate of appreciation for their presentation. (Note: The certificate is NOT a contribution of $20.00 in the speakers’ name. We donate $20.00 to the Rotary Foundation in recognition of their presentation at the meeting.)

  • assist in taking down the flags, banners and place the sandwich board back in Kathy's office.