Once again NAR Club provided Dictionaries to the students of Cary Reynolds Elementary School in Doraville.  Because of COVID and remote learning we were not able to deliver the dictionaries to the 3rd graders in the 2020-21 school year, so this year we delivered dictionaries to the school for both the current 3rd and 4th graders.  Although the students were back in the classroom, due to COVID Delta variant concerns, we were not able to go into the classrooms to deliver the dictionaries as we have in the past.  
Victoria Reisch, Cary Reynolds Academic Coach and NAR PP Barbara Bush 
showing the donated Spanish English and English Dictionaries
Prior to delivering the dictionaries we gathered at one of our lunch meetings to insert into the front of each dictionary a sticker with the Four Way Test on it, along with a name plate for each student.
Bill McLaughlin (back), PP Jon Yaeger, Masarrat Husain, President Christopher Drew and PP Nathan Aberson are seen here during our club meeting mini service event inserting the stickers into each dictionary.