Message from President Simone



Why become a Rotarian? My story is pretty simple - I wanted to be part of something that can make a big impact in my community.    My answer - Rotary.


I joined Burnaby Metrotown Club because I heard about their give back, the "Rotary Coats for Kids Campaign".   This small, but mighty club organizes a Winefest fundraiser each year for 500+ people so they can support families in Burnaby.   They buy new, warm winter coats and collect gently used coats to give to children whose families are having difficulty supplying them with one.   I saw first hand what impact it had on local kids when I helped distribute the coats at one of the Burnaby schools;   


Two young boys entered the truck together - it was obvious they were both a bit nervous as they stuck very close to each other.  In a small voice one boy asked "Could we help each other find a coat?" not looking me in the eye when he spoke.  "Of course!" I said    They took a long time to pick out coats for each other - checking each coat hanging on the racks carefully until each boy had found and tried on at least a dozen coats.  After all, they were looking for the perfect coats!   Once found, their little chests puffed out as they put on their new jackets, turning around for each other so they could each "see".   You could see the timidness fly off their shoulders.  They politely thanked me and turned to go.  "Wait" I told them, "you still have on the tag".   The older boy turned around and looking me right in the eye said "That's okay, we want to leave the tags on".   This was the first "new" coat they had ever owned and they wanted it to be obvious.   Both the school counselor and I had tears in our eyes, watching these two young boys walk off with so much confidence in their step.  


These two young boys highlighted the fact that there are many people in my own community who are not as fortunate as others and may not have the necessities we take for granted.  I decided that this "Rotary" was actually a pretty great "gig" and three years later I am still loving this club.   


If you want to give back to your community and help others less fortunate, then Rotary is the way to go!   It is not an "old rich guys club" - this is a club for people who want to make a difference!  This is a  club that is making a difference - why don't you come and check our club out.  You might just find it is right for you too!