International Project
International Project
Sound of Hope Bali – A Self Sustaining Educational Project for the Hearing Impaired Youth in Bali
International Project support for 2014-2015 - The Rotary Club of Burnaby Metrotown is pleased to join with the efforts of the Rotary Club of Burnaby, the Rotary Club of Lions Gate North Vancouver  and the Rotary Club of Denpaser to build a sustainable school for the Hearing Impaired in the local village of Catur, Bali – Indonesia. 
The Need
Bali, a tiny tropical island, is one of a chain of islands in Indonesia. Located off the southeastern tip of the central island of Java, Bali is home to about 3 million people.
The average Balinese family struggles to make ends meet on less than $100 USD a month. Families under this type of stress find themselves devastated when faced with a situation where they must support a child with any sort of disability. Hearing Impaired children fall into this category. Parents are at a loss to support a child that they cannot communicate with and cannot afford to help.  With out a good education, the children’s futures are dim.
The concept of this project began with the vision to create a self-sustaining learning and apprenticeship environment that would enable the youth to gain a variety of trade and life skills.  The vision is taking shape and this school is providing education needed to enable deaf youth to obtain a good job and provide for their futures.
The project began  in December 2011 with a number of phases now complete. The pig pens and the school construction and roof is complete and is being operated by the non profit agency, Yayasan Pelangi.  The school has organized a farming component that is initially focusing on a pig farm project.  This will raise the necessary funds for the school’s daily operations. In this way the school will become self-sustaining.  Other educational opportunities for career training are also being explored.
The funds provided by the Rotary Club of Burnaby Metrotown will complete two washrooms in the school . This is expected to take place in the Spring.  Fundraising for this project will continue until the school and the farm are completely built and operational.  
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