New Generations - The Great Hope of Rotary

During our Club Day of August 11, a significant amount of energy and time were focused on discussing about New Generations in Rotary.  Vivian Geyer has attended many meetings of the Rotaract Club of Burnaby and felt that we have much to learn from them in meeting management and volunteering for maximum impact. 
Rotaractors of Burnaby at New Generations in Action Conference in April 2012 - Stephanie McEwan, Dekker Fraser, Dalton Ho, Joyce Fan, Katie Dittrich, Mike Peabody and Michelle Leong
Dave Critchley echoed that youths are key to our future.  He felt that we need to reduce the barrier of entry for young people and make the club feel more relevant and inclusive for them.  With the current demography in Burnaby clubs, it is hard to imagine that any club can adopt the more experienced Rotaractors to become Rotarians in their club.  The answer becomes how do we help these ChangeMakers to  become Rotarians in a club created and designed by them.   
Chu will ask some Rotarians from our club and the other clubs in both Burnaby and New Westminster to come together to support this initiative. If you want to help, please contact him.