Burnaby Metrotown Rotary Retools for 2012-13

To be more responsive and relevant to busy lives, we have committed to end our meetings by 1:15pm.  Last week, with the impromptu Club Day chaired by Past President Antonia,  we ended our meeting at 1:15pm precisely!  Chu shared that Club Days are scheduled monthly by most of the other Clubs in both Burnaby and New Westminster.  Past President Bala suggested that we schedule monthly Club Days for our club.  The idea of adopting one day a month for a Club Day was enthusiastically accepted by members present. 

We hope that having a Club Day every month will allow newer members to have more voice in creating the kind of Rotary club that will be more relevant to all members.  The Club Day will aim to promote fellowship and dialogues among our members, especially seeking ideas and input from newbies.  As we become more successful in engaging and retaining our newer members, our leadership rotation issues will decrease.  More importantly, newer members will be able to take more significant leadership roles in building our club. 

In order for our meeting to finish by 1:15pm, several adjustments are needed.  President Darlene has already said she will not have as much time to eat before striking the bell.  Members are encouraged to arrive promptly at 12:00noon to start O'Canada and lunch.  Additional fellowship and subcommittee work can be scheduled before noon or after 1:15pm.  All Committee Chairs are encouraged to post event details and volunteer requirements on our ClubRunner website, so less time is spent on repeating event announcements and answering same questions every week.  Members will then be able to sign up online for the events at their leisure.

If project details and volunteer schedules are posted online, members who miss meetings will more likely be able to participate.  All members can preview volunteer opportunities and sign up during non-meeting time.  The meeting time should be used as quick reminders and waste valuable minutes away explaining and answering details about the events.  Ultimately, the burden of being Committee Chairs and Event Organizers will be lighten as more members learn to use ClubRunner "sign-up board" to communicate and collaborate.

Most importantly, Featured Speaker will need to start his/her presentation by 12:40pm, so that he/she will have 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q & A, allowing for more meaningful and dynamic programs.  President Darlene will then have about 5 minutes for meeting wrap-up finishing at 1:15pm!