Janesville Rotary Foundation Endowment

The Janesville Rotary Foundation established an Endowment Fund on April 18, 1989 to benefit the Janesville Rotary Foundation and its projects.  On March 16, 2016 the Board of Directors approved a resolution to Update the Janesville Rotary Foundation, Inc. Permanent Endowment Fund along with a Restated Charter

Purpose:  The  primary purpose of the  Permanent Endowment Fund is to provide a financial base that will enable the Foundation to support and maintain Camp Rotamer and Janesville Rotary Gardens , and other charitable, educational, and scientific purposes  as are within the meaning of Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresponding Section of any later federal tax code) and as shall further also constitute charitable purposes under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.  In its quest to make the projects self-sustaining, as well as providing funds for other Rotary projects, the Foundation will provide an atmosphere and an opportunity for a program of planned giving for individuals and business enterprises within, and beyond the Foundation's borders.  Accordingly, the Janesville Rotary Foundation has established an Endowment Fund for the sole purpose of providing financial aid to club projects.

Our Endowment Fund is classified as a donor designated restricted endowment fund.  Simply stated this means that a person or corporation giving money to the Foundation to be placed into the endowment fund gives with the understanding that the money shall be invested and only  the income earned from it shall be used for the operation of the Janesville Rotary foundation.  This shall be done in perpetuity.
An endowment committee, subject to approval of the Board of Directors, shall consist of the Chairperson of the Board of Directors or his/her designee, and such other persons as said Board shall, from time to time select to look after the Endowment investments.
Duties and Authority of the Endowment Committee include the following provisions:
  1. To coordinate with the Foundation Treasurer to document and receive contributions from third party donors wishing to add the same to the permanent Endowment Fund established by the Janesville Rotary Foundation, Inc.
  2. To market and promote the Permanent Endowment Fund, as well as the Foundation’s other Institutional Funds.  This may include the George S. Parker award or other recognition and promotional activities.
  3. To coordinate with the Foundation Treasurer to keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of all of the assets held in the Permanent Endowment Fund including receipts, disbursements, gains, and losses.
  4. To coordinate with the Foundation Treasurer to prepare, report upon, and otherwise make available for inspection and review all relevant books and records of the Permanent Endowment Fund to any member of the Board of Directors for any proper purpose at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice.
  5. To document and maintain all Endowment contributions by name, address, amount, type of gift, and such further information as the Endowment Committee shall deem appropriate.
  6. To ensure all Endowment contributions and financial records be kept with the Foundation Treasurer.
  7. To review all Foundation investments at least annually with the Investment Committee.
  8. To coordinate with the Investment Committee the annual income distribution from the Endowment to the Institutional Funds.
To Donate to the Janesville Rotary Foundation ENDOWMENT Fund, click here for the form and then mail with your contribution to Janesville Rotary Endowment, Attention: Foundation Treasurer, PO Box 301, Janesville WI 53547