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Lynn Wood
Todays Meeting
- Happy Birthday to Dave Feingold on 5.22!
- Our Board will be meeting Wednesday  on 5.19 at 7:30 AM via Zoom.  All are welcome to join- email Randy for the link if you're interested.
- If you haven't paid your first or (recently sent) second quarter dues and don't recall seeing the invoice, check your spam or junk folder. They're sent from Hagan CPA. As a reminder, we take credit cards!
- Next week we present our Scholarship awards! This is a large investment we make every year in the future education of youth in our communities. Mark your calendars- you don't want to miss this meeting!
It was nice to look around the room today and see so many familiar faces! Granted, we're still wearing masks unless eating, but every day we get closer to what was our normal. If you're vaccinated and comfortable, come to a meeting in person and enjoy the fellowship. Then take a stroll around the beautiful gardens...
Stress and anxiety. We've all experienced some of that over the past year, haven't we?
Listen to our guest speaker Terri Sorg talk about approaching stress and anxiety through the lens of her Heart Fairy book series:
She recommends several resources to turn to as we navigate through stress and anxiety: for strategies to control anxiety
She talked about the common 7 types of 'common' anxieties and how to recognize and reduce them by practicing simple actions.
It's been a tough year. Give her a listen. And remember to breathe.
Area Makeup Opportunities
Club Name Meeting Time Meeting Date Location
Beloit 12:10PM Tuesday RotaryRiver Center, 1220 Riverside Dr
Edgerton Noon Tuesday Culvers- 571 E Richardson Springs Rd (Newville)
Whitewater Noon Tuesday 841 Brewhouse- 841 Milwaukee St, Whitewater
Jefferson Noon 1&2nd Wednesday Fort Community Credit Union, 100 North Main St
Stoughton Noon Wednesday Stoughton VFW Hall, 200 Veterans Road
Janesville Morning 6:45 AM Thursday Rotary Gardens, 1455 Palmer Drive

Please register with their club and bring receipt to provide to our secretary for credit.

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