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Lynn Wood
Red Badge and Induction
New member Ben Wolf introduced himself to our Club today. For those of  us in the room at RBG, the erratic projector performance chopped up his sentences into a word salad with a few ingredients missing. But good news! You can hear him clearly (and completely) in the Zoom recording. Hint: you'll learn how the Soccer State competition went. After starting a career at Thrivent (during the pandemic!) , he is also coaching Y13 Soccer. We're glad you've joined us, Ben, and look forward to getting to know you better in the years ahead! Welcome!
Paul Harris Fellow
Paul Harris once said, “Perhaps dreaming is not so bad if one dreams good dreams and makes them come true.” In Rotary we make dreams a reality through extraordinary projects and activities here at home and around the world. These projects would not be possible without the generous support of Rotarians to the RI Foundation. The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.
Today we honored Patty Hernandez with a Paul Harris +2 recognition for her contributions to the RI Foundation. Congratulations and thank you, Patty!
Crop Report- Dave Arndt
Somber words from our favorite farmer today. We all know it's dry- 26 States are in a moderate or serious drought condition. As bad as it was 1200 years ago?? One thing is certain- we have to start changing how we use the most precious of our resources on this planet. Irrigated fields look good, but another 10 days without a substantial rain will cause great harm. Hope, pray for rain.
Todays Meeting
- Pres. Randy read some thank you notes from several Scholarship winners, which you can hear in the recording.
- Our 50/50 raffle is back! Lucky Lois Smith won the $18 pot, and the JP of $682 rolls over to next week. You have to be in it (the meeting, that is!) to win it! Hope to see many more Rotarian faces in person on the 21st.
- There are several volunteer opportunities this week- or just fun events to attend! Janesville hosts 2 days of the Grand Prix bike races downtown on Thursday and Friday, and it is high speed excitement that the whole family will love. A slower paced bike event is Morning Rotary's Pie Ride fundraiser on Saturday and there's still time to sign up or volunteer to help out.
- Are you interested in taking over the Bulletin in the next Rotary year? It's not hugely time consuming, and you can put your own spin on the communication- please let me know if this is an area of service you'd like to learn more about.
- Calling all past Presidents! We will be doing our changing of the guard on 6.28, when Randy ends his year of Presidency and the new Rotary year begins. Our tradition is to pass the gavel from our oldest past President (that's YOU, Larry Siker!) down the line to incoming President (me). Please make every effort to attend, or send in a picture to Derek so we can include you virtually. David Feingold, John Wickhem, Milly Babcock, Michael Nimmo, Paul Romanelli, Rick Mueller, David Arndt, Gary Smith, Dave Warren, Bill Boyd, Mark Lorenz, Heather Longhenry, Dan D, Aaron Thomas, Mick Gilbertson, and Mandy Witt- hope you can make it!
-Our monthly Board meeting is on Wednesday at 7:30 AM via Zoom. If you would like to attend, let Randy know.
- You just received a current membership list. Please check your information, and if it needs updating, let Tom know.
Bev Davis, an author of 4 books, including Winging It, a Monarch Love Story, has a varied background including Interior Design, Author, and Hospice and Hospital Chaplin. If you were born a little ‘different’ and mocked all your life, would you still believe in yourself, and tap into your courage and skills to save your hometown from disaster? She wrote her first book about Great Grey the Elephant as a creative way to deal with being bullied. She draws a parallel between her story of  the Monarch butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis and "us", emerging from our pandemic confines. You can purchase her books here:
and hear her directly here:
Area Makeup Opportunities
Club Name Meeting Time Meeting Date Location
Beloit 12:10PM Tuesday RotaryRiver Center, 1220 Riverside Dr
Edgerton Noon Tuesday Culvers- 571 E Richardson Springs Rd (Newville)
Whitewater Noon Tuesday 841 Brewhouse- 841 Milwaukee St, Whitewater
Jefferson Noon 1&2nd Wednesday Fort Community Credit Union, 100 North Main St
Stoughton Noon Wednesday Stoughton VFW Hall, 200 Veterans Road
Janesville Morning 6:45 AM Thursday Rotary Gardens, 1455 Palmer Drive

Please register with their club and bring receipt to provide to our secretary for credit.

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