Posted by Lynn Wood on Jan 18, 2021
- Today we heard from SOM Lucille Jaloszynski and Hailee Shores, both Milton HS students. Learn more about them in the Zoom recording.
- Golden K Kiwanis is holding their annual Truck on Ice Fundraiser. The information form is attached here. Tickets can be purchased at Rotary Gardens.
- SAVE THE DATE: District 6250 will be held April 18-24. District Conferences are an excellent way to learn more about Rotary and get an infusion of passion for all that we accomplish. If you haven't attended before, I highly recommend making time for this virtual conference. It will be professional , inspirational, and entertaining!
- Contact Derek if you would like to volunteer at tr\he new GIFTS  thrift shop on 1.30. 
- Would you like to be on the committee that helps choose the organizations we will award a Community Grant to in March? Email or call me and let me know! Application is on our website, and make sure to share the opportunity with people you know.
- If you'd like to attend our Board meeting on 1.20, let Randy know and he'll share the link with you.
- United Way Blackhawk Region is having a 21 week Equity Challenge starting February 1st to help residents develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and our community- Wisconsin residents face disparities along racial and ethnic lines. If you enroll, once a week you'll receive an email  to help you explore, develop deeper interpersonal understandings, build a stronger awareness of current systems, and be offered opportunities to take action. Individuals are encouraged to take on the challenge themselves, or form groups for discussion and reflection. To learn more and sign up: 




Heidi Van Kirk spoke to us today about Membership engagement. 
She believes that the adage If you do what you've always done, you will get what you always got isn't always true. Remaining stagnant in the face of change won't produce the same result. She reviewed the responses you sent in and makes some good suggestions as we head into our strategic planning in February. Every action we take should include a call to give, a call to join, a call to volunteer, and a call to share. What is our recruitment message? Are we directly asking people we know if they would like to join our Club? Listen to her entire message here: