Bill Pritchard, Co-Chair of the District 6250 Youth Exchange Committee, stopped by via Zoom today to share some history on Rotary Youth Exchange going back to the very first exchanges prior to WWII and how exchanges have changed over the years.  Today in addition to the traditional in-bound and out-bound exchanges, there is a short (3-4 week in each country) exchange over the summer months.  Madison South Rotary sponsored a student to Spain last summer and Steve Fine tells us there are a couple of candidates looking to do the short exchange this summer.  Bill encouraged us to get back to having a traditional in-bound student in the future.  It was also good to hear from MSR members who have been involved in the Rotary Youth Exchange program in prior years and how they have stayed in contact with their exchange son/daughter over the years.  If you missed it, here is the link to the presentation: