South Kitsap Rotary Diaper Drive
Recently our club had a guest speaker about the Diaper Pandemic in America. So, of course in Rotary style we jumped in with both feet. We partnered with West Sound baby corner, Kitsap SAIVS and Kitsap Strong.  
These are 3 organizations in our community that work with women and children, special assault investigations and victim’s services, and to improve the health and wellbeing of children, families and adults.
Diapers are expensive!  During COVID shutdowns more and more parents were having to stay home with their children, leaving the workplace.
Not being able to buy diapers for their kids, parents have resorted to no diapers, t-shirts wrapped around children, sagging over used diapers, you can imagine the rest.
So, we went straight to work.
We contacted our local Fred Meyer store and others to place boxes for Diaper Collection and spread the word thru social media, flyers and word of mouth.
We were excited each day to see how many diapers and wipes were donated by our awesome community and members of our own club.
We decided to add a little competition with The Port Orchard Rotary Club and what a success!              
Port Orchard Rotary gathered in diapers and cash donations the equivalent of 4540 diapers (not to mention the wipes).
South Kitsap Rotary gathered (during the drive period) in diapers and cash donations the equivalent of 4296 diapers and $325.00 in Cash donations (not to mention wipes). 
We extended our drive an extra weekend, so our GRAND total was 4702.
The Executive Director of EBC had this to say about your work: "This has been a seriously phenomenal drive. This is the exact way we wish all drives were able to run, as a true effort pulled together by the entire community.
It is so astounding you were all able to get such great involvement, especially during a pandemic!"
The drive was a huge success, our community came together.  The total diapers gathered are 32,914! We are looking to make this one of our annual events and are so thankful for the efforts of both clubs!