Posted by Cathy Bisaillon on Mar 21, 2019
Our guest speaker on March 21st  made us extra proud to be Rotarians, and also made us feel like there is a lot more that we can do to put Service Above Self. We were honored to have Bob Cairns, the World Community Service Chair from the Port Orchard Rotary Club, share his story.  Click on the video below for a short introduction.
 “Let me tell you about Kenya,” Bob began. “Over 67% of the residents live in absolute poverty, deaths from starvation are common, and 60% of the children never go to school.” Bob and his wife Christie learned these harsh facts through their 13 service trips to Africa. They saw people dressed in rags, children drinking brown water from holes in the ground, and animals dying from drought conditions.
Striving just to make a difference, Bob earned multiple Rotary Global Grants to lengthen and improve the lives of the people he met. It took time and some creativity, but many problems are being solved thanks to projects such as the Adopt-A-Goat program; building a sand dam to harvest water;
stocking schools and libraries with books (pictured above); funding housing for orphans, and so much more.  For a glimpse of the work that is ongoing in Kenya in partnership with Hifadhi Africa, go to .
Bob’s words reminded us that Rotary is most effective when it is personal. His connection to Africa started after meeting just one man who used a scholarship to transform his life. Bob and his wife are headed back to Kenya in June, and he encourages all of us to ignite our passion and make a difference through Rotary.