Posted by Christie Scheffer on Jun 06, 2019
Steven Boe, who joined Rotary in 2016, is one of those individuals who jumped into Rotary with both feet and submerged! And we don’t think he’s come up for air since! He is a gifted individual that has shared his gifts generously with our Club, District 5020, and internationally!
He has elevated the profile of this Club and its important work in the community, telling the story of what Service Above Self can look like locally and beyond.  Whether it is commercials for Duck Race, Turkey Trot or Wreaths, or video vignettes telling individual Rotarian’s stories, or maximizing the reach capable with social media platforms like Facebook, or creating videos that tell Rotary’s story in a heart-felt and compelling manner….the quality and excellence shine through.
One of the areas where Steven sought to make a difference focuses on children. He involves his own children in many of our projects and events. During the Duck Race seasons he began to create a series of trading cards for kids and created Kids of Action coloring books. We now have a section on our Club webpage with ideas on how parents can help kids make a difference through ‘service above self’. Our Club has a long history of involving the children and grandchildren in Rotary projects and events, and Steven’s contributions have helped elevate this important value as part of the Rotary ‘brand’. Rotary International Magazine will be featuring this effort in an upcoming article!
Steven’s gifts to the Rotary community locally and internationally are and will continue to make a difference. We are blessed to have Steven and his family in our Club, and we are recognizing and honoring Steven for his 3 years of commitment to moving Rotary’s mission of Service Above Self forward in our Club, locally and internationally.