Posted by Steven Boe on Oct 03, 2019
Rotary at 11 am at Kitsap Mall on October 10 - The Virtual Reality Experience. 
Bring guests!  See how Rotary and science are harnessing the immersive power of virtual reality to create a more connected world.  The lunch and official meeting are at our regular time. However, the VR experience will be set up next to Dick's Sporting Goods starting at 11 am so that anyone who wants can come early to experience the event before the lunch.  Please see map below.
Guest Speaker: David Boe - "Virtual Reality, Phantom Pain, and the Future of Health."  David Boe (Steve Boe's brother) is a Research Specialist at the Center for Limb Loss and Mobility in the Veteran’s Affairs Puget Sound Hospital and a Visiting Scientist at the University of Washington. His research focuses on the neuroscience of sensation and movement and the treatment of phantom limb pain after amputation. He uses state-of-the-art virtual reality technologies to study the human brain and to develop new treatments for patients. He founded Cyberlimbic, a company that is developing new treatments for chronic pain using virtual reality. In his spare time, David enjoys playing soccer and composing music.
Contact Steve Boe if you would like to help set up at 10:30 am.