Posted by Christie Scheffer on Mar 01, 2021
On Friday, February 26, 2021, Silverdale Rotarians picked up food ordered through Grocery Outlet and brought it to the Seabeck Conference Center for storage, in anticipation of our Food Bagging on March 25th. Many Rotarians and friends came to help unload the food. We appreciate everyone's help!
At Grocery Outlet - that's a TALL stack of food!
Oops - when the doors opened after the ride to Seabeck Conference Center.  Nancy, Reyce, Corey, and David were troopers and reboxed most of the fallen goods! 
Pictured: Rotary and Friends participants - Mary Hoover, Chuck Kraining, Reyce Scheffer (Kids of Action), Corey Hamilton, Nancy Whitaker, Rich Arper, Frank Guthrie, Danny Guthrie and David Jordan. Not pictured: Nicholas Whitaker and Christie Scheffer.
Thanks also to Monty and Dan at Seabeck Conference Center for helping!
James Gochmansky, Manager of Grocery Outlet, searched for good prices and offered a discount on the food. And Lori Boe from Rancho Storage allows us to use their moving truck! We appreciate these community partners!