Posted by Christie Scheffer on Aug 06, 2021
It was really a special night...hearts were overflowing!  And, it was unprecedented!  For the first time in 27 years of holding Duck Race fund raisers, the grand prize winner donated the entire prize to directly to charities! 
John Johnson of Silverdale (a former Silverdale Rotarian, pictured above) chose two local charities – Children of the Nations and Coffee Oasis, to receive $8,000 each.  At our Duck Race Gala Event on August 6, John told an amazed crowd that since it was such an honor to receive this blessing, as an act of good stewardship he wanted to see the money go to two ministries: one serving and meeting critical needs internationally (Children of the Nations) and one serving and meeting critical needs locally (Coffee Oasis).
Thanks to our major Duck Race Sponsor Advantage Nissan, who annually gives the grand prize winner a choice between a brand new Nissan pickup or $16,000, the impact of the 2021 grand prize itself will be felt far and near. Chuck Capps (pictured on right), the owner with his family of Advantage Nissan, is a Bremerton Rotarian, and he spoke about his family's commitment to serve. As a local business they look around and see great need in the community and work as a family and business to support agencies who make a difference in people's lives. That's why they have provided the Duck Race grand prize all these years.  And this year, for the first time, the winner donated the funds to nonprofits serving others!
Upon being presented with an $8,000 check, Bryce Clark (pictured on left with Rotarian Chuck Kraining) spoke to us about the Coffee Oasis program and told a heart wrenching story about a 14-year old girl dropped off with all her belongings in a plastic bag.  She had been told all the ways she was worthless and then abandoned. Coffee Oasis staff were immediately there to put a comforting arm about her, to bring her inside, feed her, give her a duffle for her belongings, and a warm, safe place to sleep!See Restoring Community - The Coffee Oasis
Chris Clark (pictured on right with Chuck Kraining), co-founder of Children of the Nations, gratefully accepted the $8,000 check and shared with us that 5,600 children have been served and aided through COTNs ministry in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. And many are in college continuing their training as future leaders for their nations!
Both of these ministries were started by individuals seeing a need and personally responding to make a difference! Silverdale Rotary has supported both COTN and Coffee Oasis with Duck Buck grants and other resources for many years.  This is why we sell ducks!
At the end of the evening where we celebrated the hard work of our Rotarians, the generosity of our sponsors, and the service of our military volunteers, 2021 Duck Race Chair Christie Scheffer spoke of the joy and honor of working together as community, all with like-hearts committed to the mission of changing lives!