Duck Bucks continues doing good things for the homeless here in Kitsap County. 

During our March 10 meeting, Walt Le Couteur, the Director of Kitsap Rescue Mission (KRM), gave a presentation on how Silverdale Rotary's Duck Bucks have given hope to the homeless. 

He briefed us on how Duck Bucks from a few years ago gave KRM staff the opportunity to purchase a mobile shower unit. This unit goes with staff six days a week to meal sites where homeless gather for meals together. The shower has become a welcome sight at meal time, according to Walt.  

Additionally, he remarked the recently opened "dayroom" at the KRM facility is an excellent opportunity for those who are homeless to come in and warm up during the day, even if they do not have a place in the KRM shelter for the night. They are invited in to rest, do a puzzle, have a cup of coffee, and chat with others. About 90 people a day utilize the dayroom, he said, and the mobile shower unit will be open twice a week for those visitors to clean up. 

Walt said the new goal of KRM is to focus on the new 20-bed shelter that needs resources to help folks get off the streets. Donations of toiletries such as mouthwash, razors, deodorant, toilet paper, and more are always needed. Visit for more details on how to donate or volunteer. 


After Walt's speech, Rotarian Debi Brooks-Givens presented a check from the Silverdale Rotary Club for $1,000. 




March's Cause of the Month is Kitsap Rescue Mission (KRM). 

Kitsap Rescue Mission exists to assist the homeless and poor as they work toward restoration of body, mind and spirit through Christ-centered programs. In February, KRM opened a low-barrier overnight shelter for homeless men, women and children in Kitsap County. The overnight shelter was designed to get these locals into a safe facility for the night.

A 20-bed shelter will now be open seven nights a week during the winter months — and possibly beyond. Each person who enters the shelter is required to do an intake process with Housing Solutions, which tracks individuals and helps them get connected to community services like Kitsap Mental Health, Kitsap Community Resources, and more. All services are meant to help individuals who desire to move forward in life and provide them with a safe place as they accomplish doing so. 


• blankets 

• scrubs (like nurses wear) 

• flashlights/lanterns 

• cash donations 

• batteries 

• A large first aid kit