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Joining the Silverale Rotary Club
The Silverdale Rotary Club, part of Rotary International, welcomes members who are passionate about giving back to the Community.  Our members can be described as entrepreneurs, business professionals, active and retired military, retired professionals, elected or former members of government, prominent members of our local government, and homemakers.  We welcome anyone to our Club with a desire to positiively impact our community.
The membership process is brief:
  • Invite yourself or be invited to a meeting
  • Take the time to understand our efforts, goals and current vision and balance that with your commitment
Much more information and the "fine print" can be found by clicking here.
Or by emailing us with your interest.
Silverdale Rotary in the Community

Many people know the Silverdale Rotary Club

as the organization that hosts the

Silverdale Rotary Duck Race

every summer during Whaling Days

But,  did you know that the Silverdale Rotary spends the majority of the year giving back to our Community all the funds during the Duck Race?  Every year we donate tens of thousands of dollars to local non-profits, school groups, efforts in the community to support teens, support of food banks and programs supporting the less fortunate. 
This year's projects include:
  • Hard-bound, color dictionaries to every 3rd Grader in the Central Kitsap School Distri
  • Donated funds to Coffee Oasis for program to support at-risk teens
  • Funds and equipment for Poulsbo Days for Girls; keeping third world girls in school
  • Operation Warm - coats for kids in Kitsap County schools
  • Donated funds to Stand Up for Kids; a local program providing weekend meals for homeless or at-risk school children.
  • Causes of the Month;  a monthly program selecting a different local charity or cause to directly support.  Please read our Home Page stories for more details. 
  • Over $10,000 in scholarships for graduating high school seniors.
It isn't easy to run a Duck Race and it takes committed members to responsibly steward the proceeds of our event to benefit our Community.  Would you like to be a part of our effort? 
Our members are your neighbors, your banker, business owners, members of our armed forces -- retired and active duty -- and dozens of professional individuals all who possess a desire to give back to our Community.  We meet weekly with interesting programs and speakers that keep us informed about our Community we care so much about.  We'd like you to join our effort!
Join us for lunch (see dates and times at the sidebar to this page as well as our upcoming luncheon programs`) or email us and we'll reach out to discuss our Community efforts with you.  Please read about some of our recent efforts in our Community below or click "Home" to go to our Home Page.  We look forward to hearing from you!
Page Stories

Duck Bucks continues doing good things for the homeless here in Kitsap County. 

During our March 10 meeting, Walt Le Couteur, the Director of Kitsap Rescue Mission (KRM), gave a presentation on how Silverdale Rotary's Duck Bucks have given hope to the homeless. 

He briefed us on how Duck Bucks from a few years ago gave KRM staff the opportunity to purchase a mobile shower unit. This unit goes with staff six days a week to meal sites where homeless gather for meals together. The shower has become a welcome sight at meal time, according to Walt.  

Additionally, he remarked the recently opened "dayroom" at the KRM facility is an excellent opportunity for those who are homeless to come in and warm up during the day, even if they do not have a place in the KRM shelter for the night. They are invited in to rest, do a puzzle, have a cup of coffee, and chat with others. About 90 people a day utilize the dayroom, he said, and the mobile shower unit will be open twice a week for those visitors to clean up. 

Walt said the new goal of KRM is to focus on the new 20-bed shelter that needs resources to help folks get off the streets. Donations of toiletries such as mouthwash, razors, deodorant, toilet paper, and more are always needed. Visit for more details on how to donate or volunteer. 


After Walt's speech, Rotarian Debi Brooks-Givens presented a check from the Silverdale Rotary Club for $1,000. 




March's Cause of the Month is Kitsap Rescue Mission (KRM). 

Kitsap Rescue Mission exists to assist the homeless and poor as they work toward restoration of body, mind and spirit through Christ-centered programs. In February, KRM opened a low-barrier overnight shelter for homeless men, women and children in Kitsap County. The overnight shelter was designed to get these locals into a safe facility for the night.

A 20-bed shelter will now be open seven nights a week during the winter months — and possibly beyond. Each person who enters the shelter is required to do an intake process with Housing Solutions, which tracks individuals and helps them get connected to community services like Kitsap Mental Health, Kitsap Community Resources, and more. All services are meant to help individuals who desire to move forward in life and provide them with a safe place as they accomplish doing so. 


• blankets 

• scrubs (like nurses wear) 

• flashlights/lanterns 

• cash donations 

• batteries 

• A large first aid kit


On March 17, President Chuck Kraining (pictured on left) proudly presented a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) award to Tex Lewis.  Our Club members selected two recipients following our 2015-16 Fantasy Football fundraiser, which raised $2,000 for The Rotary Foundation and enabled PHF awards for two community members.
A longtime Silverdale resident, Tex’s name is synonymous with the Clear Creek Trail and the Clear Creek Task Force, and has been instrumental in the planning, fund raising, and recruiting volunteers for the now extensive network of trails.  Tex also coordinated the beautiful mural painting and clear coat of the Anderson Hill Overpass in 2009, a project in which Silverdale Rotary was proud to heavily participate.  Tex’s tireless volunteer efforts in the community totally embody the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self.”
 “The need is huge,” Dave Frederick, Executive Director of Coffee Oasis, commented as he opened his address to our club. Coffee Oasis makes an impact for the 466 Kitsap youth who are homeless by providing shelter, case management, job training, and street and school outreach. Just as Dave learned that the organization was losing its lease on its Bremerton drive-thru, the phone rang, and the owner of the defunct KFC restaurant on Naval Avenue offered to donate the space to Coffee Oasis.
The work is in progress to prepare the 40-person café & job training center for a June opening, and Silverdale Rotarian Debi Brooks-Givens presented Dave with a $1,961 Duck Bucks grant to purchase an industrial hot water tank to get the operation off to a great start. It is rewarding to know that our hard work supports the mission of “Changing the world for homeless youth.”  For more about Coffee Oasis, visit
Colombian Exchange Student Dani’s special presentation enlightened us to the great work that her home club, Club Rotario Tulua El Lago, has accomplished for the past 18 years. Coordinated by Dani’s father, who is a local prosthodontist, the club’s flagship program raises thousands of dollars each year to provide comprehensive services for underprivileged children who have cleft lip or cleft palate syndrome.
Dani emotionally described the appalling conditions in which the children live, and she showed us photos of many children who suffered from the disfiguring birth defect. She then lit up as she displayed the “after” photos of the kids who have been helped by the program’s case management, surgery and rehabilitation services. Dani closed out her program with a video from a U.S. youth exchange student who is currently being hosted in Dani’s house in Cauca, Columbia. Together, Rotarians from all over the world are working to “Restore the Smile.” Check out Dani’s home Rotary club at
Dani, our Colombian exchange student, is now staying with her new host parents, Ellen and Allen Newberg. She also celebrated her 18th birthday two weeks ago, and she had the chance to visit with her best friend from Colombia where they explored Canada together. 
Our 2016-17 exchange student will be Matej Kunak from the Slovak Republic.  He comes with an impressive bio — academics, sports, piano, multiple languages.  Patti (our youth exchange officer) highly encourages Rotarians to consider being host parents. You do not need to have children at home to be a host parent.
International Service Chair Mike Hancock (pictured on right) introduced Sonya Ramirez (center) from Club Rotario Villa Real in Tagucigalpa, Honduras.  They met earlier this year at the Central America Rotary Project Fair, and it was from their discussions that Mike brought back to the Club the hands on project to help expand a health center in Honduras.  Sonya’s Club is small (25 young members), but they are VERY active in partnering with Clubs from all over the world to take advantage of Rotary Foundation grants.  Sonya spoke of the huge need in Honduras, and showed a dynamite video showing many ambitious, diverse projects that the Club has completed with the help of international partners.
Mike Hancock provided follow-up info on the hands-on project to expand a health center, working with Sonya's Club.  So far four volunteers are signed up for the September 10-17 trip, but many more helping hands are needed. Mike hopes to obtain a Rotary district grant for project funding, and he has preliminary info on the costs per Rotarian. Contact Mike at
Silverdale Rotary presented Student of the Month awards to some very deserving students from Central Kitsap High School, Klahowya Secondary School, and Crosspoint Academy on May 19.  These students are nominated by school staff not only for academic achievement, but also for exhibiting leadership skills and service to others at their school, church, in sports activities, or in the community. 
Pictured left to right:  Gabriella Morris, Crosspoint Academy; Ethan Albro, Cameron Carroll, Amanda Soria (CKHS); Kyland Prior, Ian White (Klahowya); Rotarian Ron Templeton
Not pictured: Ella Hermann
The students were provided a ride to a Rotary luncheon in a limousine and presented with a plaque.  The best part of the award ceremony is hearing from the students themselves, their activities, future aspirations, and passion for service. Congratulations to these outstanding students!
In 2015, Silverdale Rotary donated a portion of Duck Race proceeds to Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue (CKFR) to help launch the life-saving PulsePoint smartphone app.  We are proud to share an excerpt from a February 19, 2016 press release from CKFR:
Kitsap County First in Western Washington to Implement PulsePoint.
A new smart phone app is now available to give Kitsap County residents the ability to save a life. The PulsePoint app notifies CPR trained citizens of nearby cardiac arrests and is accessible now in Kitsap County.
PulsePoint is integrated into the county’s 911 system and alerts CPR-trained bystanders in the immediate vicinity of a public cardiac emergency, so they can get to the scene and start CPR in the critical minutes before emergency medical teams arrive.”
For a video showing the PulsePoint app in action, please visit this link:
In conjunction, CKFR is also gearing up for the FREE mass CPR event to be held at the Silverdale YMCA on February 28th.  For more information or to register, please click here:
The day before her address to the Club on February 18, President Chuck and Assistant Governor Elayne Burton hosted District Governor Rose Bowman's visit on February 17, which included a tour of the YMCA Teen Center.  DG Rose posted the following on Facebook:
Pictured left to right: President Chuck Kraining, District Governor Rose Bowman, Zak Padayao
“Today I met Zak at the Silverdale YMCA when President Chuck took me there for a tour. It is an amazing facility that Silverdale Rotary helped build. We are pictured here in the Silverdale Teen Center area. Zak is in charge. He is an amazing young man who is a former Rotary Exchange Student. He seemed amazed when I suggested he needed to join Rotary. President Chuck is on it. He might even get the Center as a Corporate Member. Very productive and informative visit. A project that is a major asset to the community.” 
Pictured: Silver Ridge 3rd graders with Silverdale Rotarians Mariam Camery and Mary Hoover in the back row in January 2016.
As a follow on to our ninth annual joint 3rd grade dictionary project with the East Bremerton Rotary Club, Dick Sims, an East Bremerton Rotarian, wanted to share a few words regarding the project. The Silverdale Rotary Club and Rotary Club of East Bremerton join together each year and donate dictionaries in elementary schools. Sims, the Dictionary Chairperson, had this to say: 
The third-grade dictionary project began in 2008 and has run continuously in the Central Kitsap School District. Every year, every third grade class gets a visit by Rotarians with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt American Heritage Children's Dictionaries in hand. These dictionaries become the property of each student.
During this visit, the students write their name in the front of the book and Rotarians give a brief overview of what Rotary is all about and then ask the students to help repeat the Four Way Test. One of the fun things to ask during the last test (Will it be beneficial to all concerned?), is if the students know the definition of beneficial. Most of the time there is no answer, so we ask the students, "where do you think we can find out what it means?" Certain students understand to look up the word and discover the answer. As a class, we then look up the word together. 
To date, more than 8,000 dictionaries have been handed out.
In many cases, this is the only book the student owns, and they become very possessive of their new books. Occasionally there is a conflict between a pair of siblings (third and fourth grader) in mixed classes where the students recently transferred. It is always fun to sneak a dictionary to a fourth grader. 
The teachers and students always show their appreciation with thank you notes and pictures. 
One of my favorite memories came when I was presenting a topographical to a junior high school class.The presentation was in the library, and all the students were on the floor. As I finished my presentation, I called on a young man who had been raising his hand in the back. He jumped up, ran forward and exclaimed, "I know you, you're the dictionary guy!" I responded that we enjoy doing the program, and he said, "just a minute." He ran to the back of the room, opened his backpack and pulled out his third-grade dictionary. The student was 4-6 years removed from our gift, but he was still carrying it. To his credit, the dictionary was worn and really showing its use.
The thank you notes are always fun to share with the club.
Dick Sims