Nov 14, 2019
Bob Cassis Honoring Veterans
Nov 21, 2019
bagging food - CK at risk youth
Dec 05, 2019
Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center
Dec 12, 2019
bagging food - CK at risk youth
Dec 19, 2019
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Jan 09, 2020
Harrison Medical Center Foundation
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Silverdale Rotary Thanksgiving Turkey Trot
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Nov 28, 2019
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Turkey Trot Volunteer T-Shirt Deadline is November 7!
If you have already signed up to make the 2019 Turkey Trot a success, please click on the following to verify your signup:
Make sure I have you listed in the document at the correct event(s) AND send me an email  with your tee-shirt size to by Thursday, November 7. Everyone gets a shirt, just make sure yours will fit!
Turkey Trot Tee-Shirt Size Chart
Men: S => 4XL     Ladies: XS => 2XL     Youth: XS => XL
If you have not yet signed up to help feed the hungry from the proceeds of a successful Turkey Trot, please send me an email reply listing the events you wish to support. This is a Silverdale Rotary project, and we need all Rotarians who are in town and able to respond to step up and make it a success. Event #8 has the greatest need - please check it out.
Rotary Calendar and Announcements
  • Thursday, November 7 - Turkey Trot Volunteers - last day to order your t-shirt
  • Tuesday, November 12 at 8:00 am, Community Service Mtg at Kitsap Mall Mgmt Ofc.
  • Thursday, November 21 at 5:30 pm.  Board Mtg at Edward Jones, 3606 NW Anderson Hill Rd, Ste 100, Silverdale.
  • Thursday, November 24-28: 4th Annual Turkey Trot events (see separate article)
Rotary Announcements
  • Rotary Youth Exchange – Chuck Kraining announced that an outbound student has been chosen for the 2020-21 school year.  Also, Aron has expressed interest in living with a host family with a Mom/Dad/kids to round out his American experience.  Interested parties please contact Chuck soonest. 
  • Monday Night Football on a hill in the woods! Every Monday night Chef Rick hosts the football game at his man cave, and this week we enjoyed gumbo and Rick's famous brownies.  And, of course we were entertained by the calamity canines! 

    Pictured: Brian Beagle with Mack and Rick with Zack.
  • Fantasy Football for The Rotary Foundation - standings for Week 9 ending November 4:
League 1: 1- Phil Bisaillon - Swingtime,  2- Mary Hoover (Victorious Secrets), 3- Christie Scheffer (Athena's Attack)
League 2: 1- Rick Soper (Dogstar!), 2- Ron Templeton (Ronbo's Rockets), 3- Ashley Oaksmith (Jolly Rodgers)
Community Announcements
Silverdale Rotarians - People of Action Who Also Know How to Have Fun!
Thanks to our Warrior Queen Christie Scheffer and a lot of enthusiastic Rotarians who came in costume, our Rotary meeting on October 31 was full of energy with lots of laughing.  There was a costume contest – and by applause Harold Shea took 1st place and a $50 gift card as marshmallow boy!

Peggy Templeton and Barbara Beagle shared 2nd place as a witch and gypsy, respectively.
Why does the gypsy have wings and a wand?  Because the Warrior Queen annointed and flummoxed the gypsy (Barbara) as the “Breeze Fairy” for her work as editor of the Breeze (while thanking everyone else who contributes)!
Trick or Treaters at the annual Halloween at Seabeck had the surprise of the year when they were greeted at the Rotary (wait for it!)....Christmas House!!!
Kim Peterson, Rick Soper, Aron Skultety, Peggy Templeton, and Tammy (Kim's sister) "had a blast handing out candy and wishing everyone a Merry Halloween! We figured if the stores were decked out for Christmas, we should, too!" 
Exchange Student Update
Aron’s report on October 31:  Thursday and Friday the week before Aron did not have school, so he spent his time watching movies (Editor’s note: per Rick, they blew through 50 GB of data doing all that streaming, leaving the house with no internet!).
Happy Birthday to Aron, who turned 18 on October 29! Rick Soper and Chuck Kraining took some friends to Grub Hut in Kingston for burgers. The next day Rick and Aron celebrated again at Maynards – apparently he liked the burger!
Over the weekend Frank Guthrie and his sons took Aron to the Boeing factory in Everett, WA.  If you can, take Aron with you on outings; contact Rick to get on Aron’s calendar.
Silverdale Rotarians Honor Students of the Month

Pictured: Annelisa Ayars and Jeven Keel (CKHS), Audrey Slane and Hope Martin (Klahowya)
On October 31, Silverdale Rotarians had the honor of recognizing the first Students of the Month for the 2019-20 school year from Klahowya Secondary School and CK High School. Rotarian Ron Templeton set the stage by educating students and guests on the history of Rotary, as well as the history of the Silverdale Rotary Club. We heard accolades from teachers and faculty about these remarkable students, and we were encouraged that our hope in future generations will be one of prosperity. These students’ goals in life covered the spectrum from PE teacher, youth minister, physics, and mechanical engineering.
Students who receive this award are also heavily involved in their communities, schools, and enriching the lives of those around them. Thank you to the parents, faculty, and community for encouraging these students to reach their utmost potential.  The students were each presented with a plaque, gift card, a letter to their parents, and a letter from Washington’s 6th District Congressman Derek Kilmer.  Congratulations to our future leaders!
Rotary Meeting on Facebook Live - October 24, 2019 
October 24 - what a jam packed meeting - all about Giving Back!  To watch the video go to  Duck Bucks for Kidzz Helping Kiddz starts at 3:09, Peggy Templeton's humanitarian trip to Jamaica starts at 10:58, and Cody Clark of Coffee Oasis starts at 35:14.
Peggy Templeton - Teaching the Teachers in Jamaica
Note: to see Peggy Templeton’s entire dynamite presentation, go to, and start at 10:58.
  Jamaica: one pictures idyllic tropical beaches and relaxation.  But for Rotarian Peggy  Templeton, Jamaica meant a week in August 2019 spent working in a tiny unairconditioned classroom with a leaky roof in 93% humidity.  Why?  To set up a computer lab (pictured) and Teach the Teachers computer skills on one of the most impoverished islands in the Caribbean whose schools have yet to recover from a devastating hurricane in 1988. 
Working with a nonprofit called Great Shape!, Inc. (“Humanitarians in Action since 1988,”, Peggy gathered school supplies and paid for transportation and shipping plus $800.  Once there, she set up 30 donated computers and commenced teaching 38 teachers, some who ranged in ages well into their 80s! 
Many had never worked on a computer before. 
Thanks to the Sandals Foundation and Sandals Resorts International, rooms, meals, and on-island transportation were provided to the volunteers at no charge.
Peggy also sampled local Jamaican street and restaurant food proudly cooked by the locals.  How was it?  “HOT! Because of the ubiquitous Scotch Bonnet chilis, one of the hottest culinary chilis around!”
Peggy thanked Silverdale Rotary and individual Rotarians who contributed supplies and funds for supplies for the school.  And she thanked Kim Peterson and Kitsap Bank for contributing the American footballs and wildly popular flashy yo-yos !
When asked the question, “what was your most memorable part of the trip?,” Peggy responded “the gratitude of the teachers (pictured above), who by the end of the week were using terms of endearment like “Auntie” and “St. Peggy”!  Well done, Peggy – another great example of “Rotarians – People of Action!” 
Pictured - all the Great Shape! Inc. volunteers that week.
Rotarians at Work – Filling Bags for Homeless Teens at Coffee Oasis
What do homeless teens need?  The answer can be very complex, but sometimes very simple: a shower, a snack, some portable food.
To that end, Silverdale Rotarians, guests, and Rotary Kids of Action filled 100 bags full of toiletries and snacks to give to Coffee Oasis representative Cody Clark who spoke to our Club on October 24. Using Silverdale Rotary Duck Race proceeds, we purchased the supplies and filled boxes and boxes of bulging baggies with items specified by Coffee Oasis.
Pictured left to right: Silverdale Rotary Kids of Action Amelie and Cavanaugh Boe, Reese Scheffer, and Lydia 
Earlier Cody Clark (pictured) had described what Coffee Oasis is in a nutshell: “We provide Hope.”  Their stated mission at is “Changing the world for homeless youth in one community after another through a strategic continuum of services supported by sustainable coffee businesses.”  But what does that really mean? 
It means gathering places that offer friendship, belonging, and resources; an overnight shelter - the only one in Kitsap County for ages 16-20; jobs in the five Coffee Shops in Bremerton, Poulsbo, Port Orchard, and the new location in Kingston; help finding permanent housing; a 6-week program that teaches skills on how to land a job; a 24/7 Text Crisis Line; working with businesses who offer 100-hour internships; resource workers in schools and on the street to ID candidates for Coffee Oasis services…the list goes on and on. 
Cody thanked Silverdale Rotarians for filling up two tables at the Coffee Oasis fund raising gala on October 26.  He exclaimed that the net proceeds amounted to an astonishing $95,000!  That’s well on the way to covering the $120,000 needed to fund their homeless shelter for an entire year. In closing he stated, “you are helping to change the world for homeless youth!”
Rotarians Raise Funds to End Polio Worldwide
October 24 is World Polio Day, and Rotary clubs worldwide have been raising funds for the final stretch to End Polio worldwide.  On October 24 President Christie led a very exciting Raise the Paddle for Polio Eradication, and in 10 short minutes Rotarians pledged $645!  (Note: a different figure stated at the meeting was in error).   Add $70 from the week before brings the total to $715!
Erin Shannon won the BBQ-themed gift basket,
and Ron Templeton (with the help of Kids of Action Amélie Boe, pictured above with Peggy Templeton) won a nifty tabletop grill, perfect for tailgating!
There are three countries where polio is still endemic: Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. For more about the polio campaign, go to  You can go online and donate at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is matching all donations two to one!
Duck Bucks Mean Christmas Toys and Smiles for Hospitalized Children
It’s bad enough to be a child in a hospital, but a lot worse to be a child in a hospital at Christmas.  Enter then 7-year-old (in 2016) Zachary Darner, whose baby brother spent Christmas in the hospital. He said, “I really want to give kids something that will make them feel good at the hospital.”  What is that?  Toys, of course! 
Since 2016, thanks to Zachary’s tireless recruiting and fund raising efforts, thousands of toys have been delivered to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Harrison Hospital.  What better to name his nonprofit than Kidzz Helping Kidzz!  To see Zachary’s story, click on
Silverdale Rotary has been helping Zachary bring smiles to hospitalized children at Christmas since 2017, and on October 24, Rotarian Kim Peterson (pictured above with Zachary) presented $500 in Duck Bucks and a bag of toys to Zachary for the 2019 Christmas campaign. Thanks to the generous sponsors of our annual Silverdale Rotary Duck Race, and the people far and wide who purchase Duck Tickets, we are able to support Kidzz Helping Kidzz year after year! 
To see Zachary’s entire presentation at Rotary, click on, and start the video at 3:09.
To see a video of the 2018 Christmas deliveries to the hospitals, click on and scroll down to Changemaker 2018.