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Rotary & The Coffee Oasis - Working for a Better Community!
Silverdale Rotarians and The Coffee Oasis are working hard to help homeless and neglected kids in Kitsap County. Rotarians Ed Hamilton, Ashley Oaksmith (pictured above) and the rest of our club and guests filled 100 bags of supplies and food for homeless kids on April 4. Thank you to The Coffee Oasis for distributing the supplies to kids in need, and for all of the great work their organization does in our community.  For more about Coffee Oasis' amazing programs, go to
What a great turnout we had on April 4!! We had 12 guests attend our meeting (including Meredith Green, Rotary District 5020 Area 9 Assistant Governor, pictured below left) in addition to 30 Silverdale Rotarians!
It was a real pleasure to have four children and three young adults pitch in to help! Part of our mission in Rotary is to pass on the values of ‘service above self’ to the next generations! The kids helped set out all the items and had table assignments and the young adults helped cart and pack all items in the Coffee Oasis truck!
Rotary spanning the generations!
Rotarians and guests pitched in to pack the bags with enthusiasm. Items included: 2 combs, pack of wipes, toothpaste, tooth brush, 2 small shampoos, hand warmers, tuna snack pack, 2 bags of peanuts, 3 granola bars, juice bag, 3 cheese cracker packs, apple sauce, candy and a Chef Boyardee snack pack. The gallon sized bag was packed to the brim! In addition to the 100 bags, there were multi meal food bags from our work party on March 28 for Coffee Oasis to distribute to kids in transitional living situations, plus 200 pairs of warm socks, 100 additional juice bags, and a case of chili.
Rotarian Erin Leedham (inset), Manager of the Kitsap Mall, worked tirelessly throughout the entire event, setting up the Community room, helping to set out food and hygiene products and breaking down and rebuilding boxes as the need arose. She then assisted with the kids' help to clean up the room. We cannot thank Erin enough for welcoming our Club to the Mall for our various projects! Your team of Security guards and support staff helped in many ways to make this project possible!
A special thanks to our partner Clear Creek Dentistry for donating 100 tooth brushes!
Thank you everyone for helping meet needs of homeless youth in Kitsap County! You are making a difference! 
Coffee Oasis - Hope for Homeless Youth
On April 4, the Rotary Club of Silverdale invited Daniel Frederick from Coffee Oasis to share about the extraordinary program that is reaching and serving homeless teens on the Kitsap County community.  See his presentation at .  Note that the image below is NOT interactive.
He explained their mission is to Change the world for Homeless Youth by reaching out to youth experiencing  Drug abuse, Homelessness, Violence and Poverty. These are real problems affecting real kids in our community.
Their hope is to transform the lives of homeless and street-involved youth through:
Their goal is to be “out there.” Wherever they are.  In the midst of whatever they’re going through. To compassionately guide troubled and at-risk youth into lives of dignity, integrity and responsibility. To see not just youth lives changed, but the world around them change and become a place that cares for hurting youth.
Rotary Calendar and Announcements
Rotary Calendar
  • May 9-11 - District 5020 Training Assembly and Conference - Victoria BC.  President Elect Christie Scheffer is encouraging Rotarians to attend this event.  Classes have been posted, and this will be a great educational experience. 
Feeding the Hungry - Turkey Trot Proceeds at Work!
Silverdale Rotarians - PEOPLE of ACTION!
Pictured: Erin Shannon
April 1-5 is Spring Break in the Central Kitsap School District, and kids are always excited for school breaks! But to some it means going hungry, as they do not have access to free or reduced breakfast and lunch.
Knowing this, the Rotary Club of Silverdale met at the Kitsap Mall on March 28, and using funds raised by the Silverdale Rotary Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving 2018, filled 200 large bags of food and delivered them to 14 CKSD schools (Elementary, Middle and High School)! These schools were identified by the CKSD Homeless Liaison as not having a food backpack program already.
Rotarian Erin Leedham, Manager of the Kitsap Mall, worked with her Security and Maintenance teams to set up our food packing area inside the Mall. Rotarians Bob Cassis, Scott Shoemaker, Erin Leedham, and Christie and Ben Scheffer helped unpack and stage the food on tables so the assembly line would move smoothly and quickly.
Rotarians pitched in to pack the bags, and Rotarians with strong backs ferried them to the loading dock. Thank you, Scott Shoemaker, David Jordan and Rick Soper for ferrying the bags, making countless trips to the dock!
Pictured left to right: Ryan Gilhuly, Nicole Stephens, Kevin Moran
Rotarian Debi Brooks-Givens was in charge of the loading dock, counting the bags and directing them to the appropriate cars. She was assisted by Columbia Bank co-workers who pitched in to help.
Rotarians then delivered the bags of food to 14 different schools. Thank you to our driver volunteers: Jim Dudley, Steve Slaton, Mechelle Hoerer, Scott Shoemaker, David Jordan, Erin Shannon, Jennifer Strong, Mariam James, Chuck Kraining, Matej Kunak, Ruby Peng, Rich Arper, and Frank Guthrie and his son.  Reports are rolling in from these drivers that schools were ecstatic to receive the bags!
We have additional food bags made up which we will donate to Coffee Oasis on April 4!
A special thanks goes to our partner Safeway for donating reusable grocery bags! And again, we cannot thank the Kitsap Mall team enough for their gracious and enthusiastic help. They were amazing to work with.

Thank you everyone for helping ease hunger in Kitsap County! We are making a difference! 
The Quality of Your Life
Comfort Closet - Helping At-Risk CKSD Students Stay in School
Cause of the Quarter.  For the next two months, Silverdale Rotary seeks to restock the CKSD Comfort Closet by donating items that students (who qualify under the McKinney-Vento Act**) need to be prepared for the school day.
Per Gaynel Holt, Homeless Coordinator of CKSD
“… We have something called a "Comfort Closet" that we try to keep stocked with basic hygiene items, new clothing items, and school supplies.   We give a form to all McKinney-Vento families.  If they choose to fill one out, we then put the items in a discreet bag and send it to the family through the school.  There is such a need for these items. If a child is lacking any of these, it can be a giant barrier to attending school.  This is particularly true of our teens who are not living with their parents. It would benefit our families so much if your organization would help. Thank you for considering this!
Items that have been given out from the Comfort Closet this year include:
Shampoo and Conditioner
Bar Soap and Body Wash
Toothbrushes and Dental Floss                                            
Feminine Hygiene Products
Toilet Paper
Laundry Soap and Dryer Sheets
Hairbrushes and Combs, Hair Ties and Bobby Pins
Boxes of Band Aids                                
Pens and Basic Calculators        
Children’s and Adult Socks
Undershirts and Junior and Adult-sized Bras        
Children's and Adult Underwear            
Coats and Jackets
As you can see these are basic items that a child or teen needs in order to even think of attending school!
Rotarians can bring items to our weekly luncheon or can deliver them to the Kitsap Mall Management Office (across from Baskin Robbins and down the hall – open Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00).  Outside of those hours, just ask a security officer to hold the items for Erin Leedham in the management office.
The Rotary Club of Silverdale will respond! Let’s step up for these kids and help restock the Closet.
**“To be eligible for services, the student must meet the Act's definition of homeless. The McKinney-Vento Act defines “homeless children and youths” as “individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.” Lacking any one of these three conditions would make a child eligible.”
District Training and Conference!  Victoria BC - May 9-11, 2019
Registration, schedule, speakers, and training session details are located at
All incoming Board Members and members of less than one year will be reimbursed for their registration and hotel fees! And we want to encourage you to come!!
Here are the top 10 reasons you should join us at DTA:
  • It is a wonderful means of learning and socializing.   The sessions offered for District Training Assembly teach us so much more about the world of Rotary and sharpen our leadership knowledge and experience.
  • It is a great opportunity to celebrate a year in which our theme was “Be the Inspiration” and to look ahead to "Rotary Connects the World".   You will enjoy the fellowship of some of your club members and other Rotarians and have fun! 
  • It is a purposeful way to develop connections between the leadership team and any and all Rotarians----building rapport and a leadership team for the coming Rotary year! Travelling together and utilizing your learning later will have a deep imprint on our club now and in the coming year.  
  • The conference speakers are enthusiastic, experienced, wise and dedicated----their leadership journey will inspire, helping to guide and support your efforts as a club.
  • When we know even more about Rotary we become even more passionate about its ‘service above self’.  
  • A weekend in beautiful Victoria!
  • Christie's hospitality suite!
  •  The social gathering at Government House on Friday, and a great culminating banquet on Saturday!
  • The attractive currency exchange rate!
  • Christie's hospitality suite!!
Please let me know if I can help you in any way with registration. To register go to: . 
Important: For all new members and incoming Board I have already reserved rooms for you ( so we don't lose a spot in the conference hotel) and will individually send you a confirmation number. If you cannot go, just let me know and I will cancel the room.  Download the Club Reimbursement form from the Download Files list on the left of this Breeze. Be sure always to attach relevant receipts to the form. It can be scanned/emailed or mailed to Elayne Burton.