Posted by Christie Scheffer on Jan 17, 2019
One of the great things about being a Rotarian is the opportunity to serve the community in hands-on-projects throughout the year. For a number of years, the Silverdale Rotary Club has coordinated with the Salvation Army to ‘Ring the Bell’ at Christmas!
Pictured left to right: President Elect Christie Scheffer and Vicki Finney.  Editor's note:  Christie also presented  Vicki with a Hallmark keepsake ornament of Snoopy ringing the bell!
This past December, Vicki Finney (shown above on right with President Elect Christie Scheffer), who joined Rotary one year ago, stepped forward to coordinate the Bell Ringing for our Club at Safeway. This meant organizing volunteers, keeping track to make sure slots stayed filled and making sure all was well coordinated with the Salvation Army.
Pictured on left: Past President Steve Slaton manning one of the 12 shifts during the 2-day period.
Vicki did a fantastic job, arriving early to set things up, checking in throughout the days to make sure Ringers were ‘good’, buying coffees and hot cocoa and simply investing the event with her gracious, bright spirit! What a wonderful way to raise money for the Salvation Army that meets needs in the community!  Thank you, Vicki for making a difference!