Posted by Christie Scheffer on Jan 31, 2019
Meg Hall has been a Rotarian just over a year, and one of her first volunteer jobs was to take on the mighty task of Trail Boss for Big Duck Wrangling for the 2018 Duck Race!
This meant that Meg coordinated with our generous sponsors, the locating of one of our inflatable Lucky Ducks at their place of business, coordination of the Duck Wranglers, and if a Duck Wrangler wasn’t available she would move the Duck herself.  It’s a big job and Meg handled it with grace and incredible stamina!! 
Meg then went on to host the Rotary Blood Platelet Drive for Silverdale, and the first Silverdale Rotary Platelet Drive was a huge success!
Pictured: Meg Hall on left and platelet donor Steve Boe
On Friday, October 5, Rotarians turned out to donate much needed platelets at the Silverdale Bloodworks NW. There are 11 donor centers across Western Washington, and more platelets were collected at the Silverdale Center on Friday than any other center, and more than on any other Friday historically! Some of the platelets from the October 5 Rotary platelet drive were sent to Florida in the wake of Hurricane Michael where there was an urgent need. 
Meg, we want to honor and thank you for making a difference in our community and beyond!