Posted by Christie Scheffer on Jul 17, 2019
Waddles has been returned and is back to work!  One hole was discovered and the exterior of the duck was a little dirty, but otherwise Waddles is in good condition and was delivered to his new (temporary) home at the Casino.
We want everything on this matter to be positive, and emphasize raising funds to make a difference in this world!
A 17-year old young man self-reported the theft and has apologized. We are not pressing charges.  We have stated in our press releases that if the duck is voluntarily returned we will not press charges, and we Rotarians  will keep our word.
The community has been very positively engaged in this story. Its really been an amazing response! We will now get follow-up questions when they hear of Waddles return. Let’s use the positive conclusion of this episode to convey a super positive message to the community: 
"Yes! Waddles is returned! We are very grateful to have him back. No we are not pressing charges. (if you are asked) It was a youthful prank. We are focused on the upcoming Duck Race and what it means for the community and appreciate everyone's support!"
Thank you, Steven Boe for your good work in elevating this in the community and helping raise awareness of our work as Rotary. And Erin Leedham, thank you for all your efforts with coordinating the return of Waddles to the Mall for inspection, cleaning and repair.
We have a great team! Lets go sell tickets!!