Posted by Meg Hall on Oct 11, 2018
Silverdale Rotarians - People of Action!
Update: Rotarian Meg A. Hall of Bloodworks NW, announced on October 11 that some of the platelets from the October 5 Rotary platelet drive were sent to Florida in the wake of Hurricane Michael where there is an urgent need.  Thanks to everyone who donated!  Others are encouraged to donate whole blood at any time.
Pictured: Rotarian Steven Boe
The first Silverdale Rotary Platelet Drive was a huge success! On Friday, October 5, Rotarians turned out to donate much needed platelets at the Silverdale Bloodworks Northwest Donation Center.  Of 12 appointment times, due to the effort of Silverdale Rotarians, 11 were filled. Of those, 8 were first time donors!
Pictured: Rotarian Jason Wright
There are 11 donor centers across Western Washington, and more platelets were collected at the Silverdale Center on Friday than any other center, and more than on any other Friday historically!  These units were picked up Friday evening (by a volunteer driver) and taken to the Bloodworks Lab in Renton where they were tested and typed.  They were then distributed to local hospitals including Harrison and Naval Hospital Bremerton. 
Today, as you read this, the donations are in our local hospitals being used for a variety of emergencies and treatments.  Similar to treatments that were needed by Holly; click Here and you can read about Holly, her husband Scott and what platelet donations mean, both the platelet product and the process of donating.
Pictured below: Rotarian Meg Hall, Donor Resources Representative,
Bloodworks Northwest
As usual, it took the whole Club to make this event successful.  From donating platelets, to donating whole blood to creating posters and a social media buzz, to encouraging friends and family to donate.  Sometimes it’s the quiet effort, a couple of hours relaxing, giving of something you don’t need but someone else desperately does that has the most impact.
Pictured: Silverdale Rotary President Rick Soper and Past President Kim Peterson