Posted by Barbara Beagle on Mar 11, 2019
Update on March 11Five schools down and one to go (Cougar Valley Elementary on March 20)!  Dictionaries were delivered to the 3rd graders at Emerald Heights Elementary on February 27 and Clear Creek Elementary School on March 1. 
Adults pictured at Clear Creek Elementary School: Rotarian Nicole Stephens, unidentified Teacher, Rotarian Kim Peterson
We love the comment we received on our Facebook page: “My son has been looking forward to receiving his dictionary for a couple of years! Thank you for this!”
Hard cover American Heritage dictionaries were delivered by Silverdale Rotarians to almost 200 enthusiastic 3rd graders at Silverdale, Green Mountain, and Silver Ridge Elementary Schools on February 21-22. Here are some highlights:
  • Rotarian Erin Shannon, whose son is in 3rd grade at Silver Ridge Elementary, was in his classroom doing the presentation and gave him his very own dictionary! 
  • Quote from a 4th grader at Silverdale Elementary when asked if he used his dictionary: “Yes, I take it with me, and I look stuff up!” 
Adults pictured at Silver Ridge Elementary School: Rotarian Mary Hoover, unidentified Teacher, Rotarians Ed Ahrens and Scott Slocum 
Thanks to our generous sponsors and the community who purchased Duck Tickets for the 2018 Silverdale Rotary Duck Race, our Club will be delivering over 400 dictionaries to a total of six CK elementary school 3rd graders. 
Note that the East Bremerton Rotary Club does the same for the other six elementary schools in CKSD.  Rotarians – People of Action!
Pictured: Rotarian Jason Wright at Green Mountain Elementary