Posted by Kimberly Peterson on May 20, 2018
Silverdale Rotary has been supporting Days for Girls for several years with funds and volunteer hours, helping countless girls in Africa to remain in school all month long.
On May 16, President Kim Peterson held a President’s Project work party to cut PolyUrethane Laminate (PUL) yardage into the components that are sewn into liners for Days for Girls hygiene kits (see April 29 article a few paragraphs below). 
Pictured below are the pieces that are carefully sewn together into a liner. The waterproof PUL layer is white, and is hidden in the finished liner.  
The following photo is of two sewn liners. The addition of snaps on the "wings" jfor folding completes them.
Rick Soper, Nancy Whitaker, Chuck Kraining, Exchange Student Ata, and Ed Ahrens were amazing at the PolyUrethane Laminate (PUL) work party.  Using a manual die cut machine, they cut out approximately 200 regular and 120 heavy flow liners.  They also cut 200 yards (two football fields!) of 55” wide PUL to the proper length to minimize scraps and maximize the yield of liners.
Pictured above: Chuck Kraining and Ed Ahrens, the die cut machine, and bins of cut PUL to be sewn into liners
Pictured above: Ata holding a part of the die cut machine
The PUL also comes in bright colors (turquoise in photo above).  The die cut can do two layers (sometimes three) at a time.  The regular die cut allows two smaller liner patterns (times two layers = four) at a time, or only one pattern on the die cut, yielding two larger heavy flow liners per cut.
Editor's Note: At the weekly Rotary meeting on May 17, Kim distributed “O-FISH-ally awesome” awards to Nancy, Rick, Ed, Chuck and Ata for assisting with her President’s project.
Below is the story published on April 29, 2018.
We received a thank you note we from the Poulsbo Chapter of Days for Girls - here is the full text:  "Thank you for your continued support with time and funds which help us reach our goals of education, health, and dignity for girls around the world.  Your generous donation of PUL will allow us to make 4,000 shields, which is enough for 2,000 kits!  Imagine the smiles on faces as those kits get handed out!  So much appreciated, (signed) Shirley Wilder, Poulsbo Chapter Director"
From President Kim: For my recent President’s project, I chose to purchase 250 yards (5 rolls) of 55" wide PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) waterproof fabric that is needed to make hygiene kits for girls.   
I am planning a “working” evening meeting where club members will be able to cut the PUL (both measured pieces and on the die cut machine).  We are hoping to cut 1,000 shields.  Imagine the difference we will be able to make!

Here is a link to a video with a short description of the items in a hygiene kit:
Also, below  is a photo of a hygiene kit.  The two shields filled with liners are in the lower left corner, stuffed with liners.
For more information about the worldwide work of Days for Girls, go to