Posted by Richard (Rick) Soper on Nov 23, 2017
The 2017 Turkey Trot was a great success!  More runners showed up, we had better weather, we raised as much if not more money than last year, and everyone who participated had a great time. 
There was a great team that brought everything together.  Erin Leedham and Angie Pomeroy stepped up in a big way with the Kitsap Mall, giving us tables, chairs, power, barricades, getting us gift certificates, arranging early pick-up for race bags, and letting us do pre-registration and Race Day registration inside the Mall (pictured below). 
Being inside, and having a ton of room to spread out registration tables (see above), prizes, and race bag pick-up made a huge difference that allowed us to run everything smoothly and avoid the back-ups we had last year. 
Mary Hoover (pictured on left above with Debi Brooks-Givens) made a big difference by working with Race Organizer Greg Chapman, results coordinator John Gardner, and on-line guru Ed Hamilton (pictured on right)  to put together a great registration effort that went off without a hitch. 
Mariam James (pictured on left) came forward for the second year in a row to work with David McVicker and Jorge Nolasco to organize volunteers and make sure that the race course was easy to follow for all the runners. 
President Kim Peterson gave us meeting and organization space at Kitsap Bank, as well as did the printing, and worked countless hours behind the scenes to make sure the race was a success.  Steven Boe did some great commercials, some great graphics, and all our flyers. 
Christie Scheffer not only put out all our road signs for the race, but also came in with her daughter Brianna to organize and distribute all of the awards for the races. 
Debi Brooks-Givens (pictured below) did so much, from organizing the 100 plus prizes we gave out, to helping put together race bags, to buying our blow up our turkey (pictured below).
Ata Celik, our Turkish exchange student, not only got to the mall at 5:30 am to help set up tables, but then put on the Turkey costume to take pictures with race participants, (pictured below) before he went out on the course and directed runners. 

Not to mention all the Silverdale Rotary Club members like Elayne and Steve Burton, Cindy Holmes, Bob Cassis, Evan Hansen, Frank Guthrie, and everyone else who took time out on their Thanksgiving to show up and help in so many different ways that made the race a great success.
As this year’s Race Chair I would like to thank everyone from our club members, to our Sponsors (see above), to Kitsap Bank, to the Kitsap Mall, to the runners who made it out to run--you all made it a fun and wonderful day that will go a long way to helping those in need in Kitsap County.
Thank You!
Rick Soper