Posted by Barbara Beagle on Oct 29, 2017
Be afraid – be very afraid! 
Whoa - why are there three hearses in the parking lot where Rotary met on October 26!  
Who says Rotarians don’t have fun! 
Masked Rotarians greeted visitors. The ghoulishly costumed Anubis Hearse Club members created an atmosphere of dark intrigue!
Why are Anubis Hearse Club members obsessed with hearses?  There’s Miss Raven, a 1980 Cadillac Hearse.  And a 1994 Lincoln Hearse, 21 feet long!  They do Zombie walks for non-profit fund raisers, Over the Hill birthday parties, even weddings (!).  Go to if you dare! 
These very long vehicles also help out with occasional house moves, carry 16’ pieces of lumber, and transport multiple bales of hay. With 15 members and 10 Hearses, these unusual collectors are very busy! 
Thanks to Rotarian Peggy Templeton who organized this spooky meeting, along with elaborate decorations and  candy!