Posted by Richard (Rich) Arper on Aug 12, 2018
The Duck Trailer has been recovered!!!!  It is now safely in my driveway – what a relief!
It wasn't damaged, just a little dirty.
On Tuesday, August 7, someone brought it back to near where it had been stolen at Pacific Street in Old Town Silverdale. The port got a license number of a van that dropped it off, and the sheriff followed up.
We believe that the article that the Kitsap Sun ran on for us on August 2 (see made all the difference in recovering the trailer, so we owe them our thanks.  The Kitsap Sun is also a long time Major Duck Race Sponsor.
While it had been reported that the trailer was “moved” not “stolen,” we are skeptical for the following reasons:
  • They took it from Port property, and when we looked all over Old Town, it was nowhere in the vicinity.
  • They didn’t just move it, they took it away.
  • It came back dirty, like it had been taken down a dirt driveway.
It was quite a scramble trying to figure out what to do and how to unload the cage from the barge without the trailer, and I had arranged for a trailer from Stirrett Johnsen to use.  However, we still have not unloaded the cage back onto the trailer from the barge, and since we didn’t have a trailer Monday morning after the Race, the Port took the barge back to Brownsville, and we haven’t had an opening in the ramp construction to unload at Brownsville.
Pictured:  barge with cage and ducks before the Race.  Currently the empty cage is still on the barge.
As a footnote, the trailer was showing some rust, especially the areas that are normally covered by the cage.  So on August 11-12 my son and I put on a primer coat and a new finish coat of paint so that it doesn’t look like something that someone would “abandon.”  Next I’m going to add “Silverdale Rotary” to each side of the trailer, just to make sure that it is identifiable.  Plus a hitch lock!