Posted by Cathy Bisaillon on Nov 15, 2018
“What do you know about Taiwan?” Ruby asked us shyly.
She added to our basic answer that it is an island in East Asia, by displaying brightly colored photos of its landmarks, people, foods and festivals. Ruby and her mom, dad and younger brother live in the port city Kaohsiung where they enjoy biking, camping and celebrating holidays including Chinese New Year. In February 2018, they brought in the Year of the Dog by playing cards all night and leaving lettuce out for the dragon.
Since coming to the United States, Ruby has shared her love of baking (especially cookies and pies) and she sharpened her shopping ability during a recent trip to Disneyland. Theme park prices? “Way too expensive!” Ruby spoke proudly of her Rotary Club in District 3510. Her language skills are strong, as English is taught along with Mandarin when children are very young with “tests, practice, tests, and more tests,” she sighed.
Ruby smiled broadly when she relayed the great memories that she has already made in our country, and she is excited to further explore our area. Reach out to Chuck Kraining to book outings with Ruby, and please keep in mind that we are still looking for host families to round out her stay.